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Josh - 12-18-2015

Consumer rights: what the new EU rules will meanExceptions to the wihadrtwal right Share / SaveSocial networking sitesFacebookMySpaceTwitterFavoritesFavoritesDeliciousDiggGoogleLive Exempted from the right of wihadrtwal are, for instance, magazines, with the exception of subscripton contracts, car rentals, airline tickets and hotel bookings, goods which deteriorate or expire rapidly, such as foodstuffs or flowers, and customized goods, such as a tailored dress or a made-to-measure coffee table.Digital goods, such as music, films or software programmes, will also be exempted from the right of wihadrtwal. The sale will be regarded as irreversible from the moment downloading begins.When cancelling a service, for example when a painter has done only half the job, the consumer should pay a share of the bill equivalent to the proportion of the work already done by the service provider.

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