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LT - 09-06-2012

Just finished freaking out to my boss, and THEN decided to Google this law firm (Morgan Law Group) and number. Shelby Williams told me that my ex-husband, 4 years removed, had a pending felony warrant and they had MY information on file for him. When I asked her how they got my information, she said they were provided all of my information from the State Attorney. She was contacting me to locate him - I did not ask what his "felony warrant" was for. I was more interested in how they got MY information to contact him. Apparently, this is some sort of huge scam... I'm not sure the BBB can do anything to help in this situation, but their website is my next stop.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Shelby Williams
Company: The Morgan Law Group
Number: 202-241-4734