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Godfrey - 10-10-2014

Received 3 calls a few minutes apart on Friday 10/10/2014 in the evening. In all the calls, the Caller said his name is Officer John Piker calling from 202-241-8290. In his first message at 8:25 pm "he said he was calling from Revenue Service." In the second message, "he said he was calling from IRS" and in his third call, "he said he was calling from IRS." He said that "I should not disregard this call by falling to return the call. If I don't return the call or my attorney, the only thing he can say is to wish you a wedding luck as the situation will fall on you." His message is the same in all three calls. I have in previous occasions received voice messages calls from this same person on my cell phone and at my home phone. This person has been harassing me many times. I will appreciate it if an investigation will be done to put a stop to this.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: John Piker
Number: 202-241-8290