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CWallace - 01-27-2014

I got a call that went to my voicemail. When i checked it there was a recording saying that this message was for Blah blah blah. then it went on to tell me that i suspected for check fraud and that legal action was being taken to talk to my employer to try to collect this debt. When i called back it started off with a recording saying this conversation was being recorded. Then a man comes on the line i let him know that I received a call from this number and told him my name. He paused a moment then came back saying i owed for a payday loan that i made either online or in person and i fail to pay it. He then told me that it was to Cash Now and I told him I have never heard of Cash Now. He proceeds to tell me that with court cost and fees it was 1500.00.Then i ask what could do to pay it. He said that they would settle out for 500.00. I asked when i needed this money he said today. I said how long would he give me to get it and he said today. I asked again what is the total amount and he said 2500.00. Then he said he would give me until 2:00pm to get 500.00 if he didn't hear from me he would proceed with the case. i called my daughter who works in a library and she looked this number up and told me it is a scam.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Charles Knight
Number: 202-803-5785