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Jennifer Reid - 05-24-2010

Someone named Mary from this number (203/270-2400) called our home at approximately 12 noon today, May 24, 2010. She was looking for someone named April Whittier and said she had "time-sensitive information" she needed to talk to Ms. Whittier about. The phone number she left for Ms. Whittier is 800/750-6343, x. 253.

April Whittier doesn't live here. My husband and I would not know her if she walked into our home. We don't know anyone by that name at all.

My husband just informed me that some of Ms. Whittier's mail has been going into our mailbox. I've never seen the mail because he throws it out before he gets home (mailbox is across the street from where we live). The only reason we're getting this mail that I can think of is it has OUR address on it.

We are totally mystified by this and can't figure out how "Mary" obtained our phone number. It would help us a lot if you would get to the bottom of this before it has a chance to get worse than it is.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Mary
Number: 203-270-2400