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st - 06-06-2013

This guy is a SCAM artist. He is not a police officer, as they do not collect debts in private civil matters....). He is just some idiot trying to scare you out of your money, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OR MONEY! KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! This "officer" said I owed a loan with company that I had already paid in full some time ago. Told them to speak with my lawyer and to send the documentation about this "lawsuit" for this "debt", then he started yelling and wanting to speak to my manager (because somehow my manager is going to make me pay you. Right.). Threatened to get me fired - actually came right out and said that he's threatening me. Reported his sorry ass to the Attorney Generals in WA, IL and FTC. Don't be afraid of these mofos.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Officer Mike Walker
Number: 206-495-9908