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Pete - 07-06-2015

Called told me about a case in there office wanted me to verify my personal info when I said no she got angry , I asked her for her info company name she told me to stop playing games because I'm in violation of court proceedings, when I informed her that she has lost her mind because I have never been to court for anything like this she accused me of lying, I pressed her for her info again and she to told me to screw off and hung up when I called back she answered and I laughed at her she hung up again , so I called back again she then told me to stop calling, I said to her why you called me and TRYIED to scam me, now the number is non working , if these scammers tick you off yell curse and call the heck out of them and give them a taste of there own medicine LOL,

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 206-508-7150