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Pissed off - 07-07-2015

Scam call. A computer generated voicemail called from +20 68 556 990 telling me that this was my final notice from the IRS regarding their lawsuit from me. They told me to call them back at 206.855.6990. When I called, they asked for my father by name. I said that there was no one at this number by that name. They asked me if I lived at (my parent's address.) I said yes. He asked for (my father's name). I said there was no one by that name at this phone number. He raised his voice asking for (my father's name.) I repeated my statement. The call disconnected. So I called back. I got the same guy, and asked for more information. I told him he'd been asking for (my father's name) and I wanted to know---the call disconnected. I called back again and asked to speak with his manager. He said, "He died." I said, no, your manager. He kept repeating that he died, he was dead. Then he hung up. I kept calling and he kept hanging up until I got a woman. I could hear the previous man yelling in the background at someone else on the phone. I asked her if this was the IRS, she said yes, this is the Internal Revenue Service, calling from Washington DC. i asked her why the call was coming from Washington State. The woman, I had a hard time hearing her over the yelling, asked for my name. I told her (my father's name) and my phone number. She said, "Why are you giving me your phone number? I didn't ask for that." She said it so rudely, I said "What?" She said "I didn't ask for your phone number, why are you giving it to me?" I told her I was sorry, I was having trouble hearing her over the yelling, and asked for her name, which she said was "Jessica Smith." She told me she would fix the noise, and then left me on hold for five minutes before disconnecting. Both spoke heavily accented English.
I think I'll set them up on an automated dialer just to annoy them.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jessica Smith
Company: Supposedly the IRS
Number: 206-855-6990