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Sai - 11-25-2014

Today morning i got a call form 315-307-3738. They Claimed to be from the "Department of State Tax Revenue" and His name John Robinson.
a warrant has been issued against me. Please write down your warrant id. Then asked me to read it back to him.

Then he says that over the next 30 minutes don't interrupt me while I tell you about the crime performed by you. He names some IRS act numbers and laws for few minutes. Then says these are violations that I have done. He's going to release the police and police will reach me in 20 minutes to handcuff me and put me in jail for 72 hours before presenting me to court. If I am found guilty then i'll have to spend so many years in jail, all of my property will be sealed including my bank account and my car. then he asks questions like have i filed a bankruptcy, or ticketed by police, or jailed etc. when i say no,

He asked me to pay $750 final settlement from IRS. If i not pay, I inform to Police. I hang up the call and i visited the police station. She sad that. It's scam. On way to police station, I got Cal from +911, Private Number. I did not take those calls.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS
Number: 315-307-3738