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GC - 07-12-2013

This is the number that your CallerID SAYS is calling, when in fact, it is 925-360-3226 who is calling. Call the number back.. get voicemail for 925-360-3226 NOT for 360-322-6184. I don't know where or how they've gotten software to fool CallerID to beiieve they are somewhere totally different. but THEY GOT IT FOLKS!! Complain to the FedDoNotCallRegistry.. PLEASE! This one's gotta GOTTA get nipped in the bud.
They say they are Diane calling about your carpet cleaning,their remove me option DOES NOT WORK, and they NEVER take you off their call list. If opt to set up appt, lady hangs up before you can say you want them to REMOVE ME

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Caller is Robotic Diane
Company: Carpet Care
Number: 360-322-6184