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VMac - 06-27-2010

This is part of a scam to take money from women being run by a man calling himself Becker John Robinson of Franklin, TN 615-530-4362. They got me through my profile on Handsome fellow says he's working in Dubai on a 6-month contract and fell madly in love with my picture/profile. Wants to buy me a house using the $2.8M inheritance from his father. He's a widower and wife & child killed in car accident in Germany 7 years ago. He's just lost his wallet and would I wire him some money? $500 actually because his financial advisor Leo Mitchell is away for a week and Robinson doesn't have any friends there. If you receive any calls, emails, MSN for either Robinson or Mitchell PLEASE file a complaint with the FBI cyber crime at

Caller: Becker John Robinson
Number: 615-530-4362