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Mary - 09-14-2011

I know for a fact I don't owe any money but I think they may have been calling looking for someone with the same name. It's not the first time they called so I called them back - when she answered the call - I stated my name and that I wish she would not call me again. Well of course she did.. I picked up the phone and said I asked you not to call me and stated I was recording the call .... She yelled I was rude and I needed to do what they told me to do.. The nerve of this fake investigator. Even if I knew the person she was looking for and they were my enemy I wouldn't give the information to her.
I looked at their website .... What a joke - maybe they need to investigate what a professional website looks like and how a profesional company acts.... I suggest anyone reading this go to their website and send them an email complaint, post their rantings to your facebook page and tweet them if you can ..
I sure hope they read these posts - maybe the thousands of complaints all over the internet will open their eyes.... although somehow I don't think it will

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Investigator Johnson
Company: PA
Number: 770-277-8901