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Former TelemarketerUCSD alum - 10-28-2013

I used to work for some scum bags in LA that ran a telemarketing operation for non profits. They were scum bags because of the way they ran their operations.

The non profits were legit, but mostly people were annoyed by us calling asking for MORE MONEY. Sometimes there was a legitimate campaign, but people were donation weary.

I now contact companies and organizations and tell them that I am happy to make a yearly (or monthly in some cases, auto debit) donation, but if they mail me anything, I will call back to ask them to take me off of all lists and stop donating. Good companies, profit and non, will listen to you and comply. (Omaha steak, tell them you want one catalog the second week of November so you can order gifts for Christmas, and you will get that ONE mailing)

This is caller is likely an operation that takes a slice of whatever you donate. They are likely contracting with UCSD, so in that sense, the would be "legit", but annoying none the less.

If you want to donate, do it directly with the University, unless they tell you otherwise.

And the one time you pick up and they are there, ask them to take you off of their list.

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