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BJM - 06-07-2011

Received call from above number, Ms. Clark, whom would not give info, but wanted to speak to my dtr. advised that my dtr doesn't live here, Ms. Clark wanted a number to her, told her I'd take her info & let my dtr know, Ms. Clark insisted on how I get a hold of my dtr if it were an emergency. I asked her if this was an emergency, Ms. Clark asked again for my dtr's info. I req'd info in regards to her call, she advised that she was not at liberty to share that info w/me. I advised that I was not at liberty to give out any of my children's info to someone I do not know or do not know what it pertained to. Then Ms. Clark gave ONLY her number, name, and extension (X1512). I called the main number back and this is to Powell, Rogers, & Speaks, Inc. I Googled it and this is a law firm that collects debts.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Powell Rogers Speaks Inc
Number: 866-205-4888