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Skippy in Milwaukie OR - 01-14-2015

I received a call about an hour and followed up with the Milwaukie (that is the correct spelling), Oregon Police Department. They have received a few other calls about this number today and everyone is mentioning the same information mentioned above. The officer and I talked for a few minutes we agreed that these are the best steps for handling this situation.

Here are the steps:
1) If possible, enter you phone carrier's trace code (Comcast is *57)
2) Keep a log of who, what, where, why
3) Call your local police department (especially if it is an IRS scandal)

Here are few more links that will be helpful

1) FTC Complaint Assistant

2) National Do Not Call Registry (you can log complaints on this site)

3) FCC Complaint Center

4) Direct IRS Scam Reporting Sites (I took the time make sure these are legitimate sites)
A) Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (Home)

B) IRS Impersonation Scam Reporting

C) Report Phishing and Online Scams

I highly encourage everyone to cut and paste this information into a text file so you can post the information for other people to see.

Remember, the more people that complain about a number, the better chance WE have of getting the Federal government and local authorities to do something.

Kevin D.

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