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adriana - 09-12-2015

Hi, I haven't been able to find this URL address since my Dec 2011 post. The tall sknniy guy with blonde hair was Mike. If I remember he became the night manager back then. Did you know Marta who worked in the kitchen. She used to feed us after our shift was over she was great! Jane and Rudy worked the back bar and the patio in the summer when the patio was open. I didn't experience the lunch crowd. I was a bouncer there on Friday nights and when we had private parties on Saturdays. Most of the bouncers were GW students. Paul, Joseph, Rob, Eric etc. We use to hang out at 21st Amendment, Odds, Madhatter's, Sign of the Whale, was there a Black/Red Rooster on L street?Ben, thanks for the information on Vicky. She was a lot of fun and spun great tunes. Her boyfriend whom she married used to work with us for a while too. I heard they have a lot of kids Where did 25 years go .???

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