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Muhammad - 10-15-2015

Alan, If we were to talk about Roger Goodell, we would probably be here for days. The cemoissionmr surely has his flaws, but in our minds, it's great the way he's trying to clean up the game. Face it, the Saints' bounty scandal should never happen and while the repercussions were severe, it needed to be done to set an example. However, that opinion is two-fold. On the other hand, we certainly don't agree with Goodell being both the jury and the executioner. There shouldn't be only one person handling these types of situations and this also needs to change in order for the NFL players to have any respect for league officials. We say it's a work in progress. The way the game is being cleaned up in terms of late hits, scandals, and drug policies are nothing but positive. It's the control aspect that seems to be getting on everyone's nerves. Anyone has any other opinions?

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