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SicSemperTelemarketers - 02-06-2015

Robo-message about credit card interest rate reduction. "Consider this call your final notice (to get their super-low consolidated interest rate). Problem is, I get this "last notice" as often as 3 times a week. I got sick of it (I'm too cheap to pay for caller I.D.), & hit the number to speak with a representative. I tried to get the name of the company & a business address, but to no avail. When I told the operator to put my number on their "do not call" list, she immediately hung up. I'm sick of these people. I do my best to collect the $500 the law says they're supposed to pay after they call back. Government isn't doing anything about it. I figure if I file enough claims, I may eventually get a physical address & sue them for accumulated claims. Actually, I don't expect to get any of the tens of thousands in penalties the law says I'm supposed to get, but blocking numbers is clearly not enough to stop this scum.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: consumer services
Number: 781-202-6280