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NOATA2D - 03-15-2016

On 11 Mar 2016, I received a suspicious call (311-923-5440) from a man with a Mideastern/Indian(?) accent claiming to be from Microsoft's Licensing Dept. The man stated someone has stolen my computer's License ID number, and for the past 15 days has been sending emails requesting donations in my name. I told him that I would need some form of evidence to verify that he was a Microsoft employee. He provided a callback number (866-383-1010) and gave me a 32-alphanumeric code which he claimed was my computer's license ID number. He then urged me to go onto my computer and he would provide me with another alphanumeric code that needed to be "Run" in order to verify my computer's License ID number. I told him that was not going to happen. He then transferred me to his "supervisor", who sounded an awful lot like the initial caller. The "supervisor" threatened that unless I cooperated, Microsoft would have to cancel my computer's License ID in order to stop the bogus emails. At that point, I said "Go for it" and hung up. Subsequently, I have confirmed that both phone numbers (311-923-5440 and 866-383-1010) are invalid, and this is definitely a SCAM!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Microsoft
Number: 311-923-5440