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anonymous - 10-15-2015

I shot them to voicemail, then checked the number here online. Turns out it's a scam line, so I called them back. A guy who called himself "Sam" answered and told me I had a computer virus. I told him I don't have a computer and he told me to **** myself in the *** and hung up on me.

7 calls later Sam asked me to leave him alone because he said he's not the one in charge of the scam, that he gets paid like an employee, to tell me to do things to my computer that will make it vulnerable. He said he doesn't know where the money goes, and that its been going on for a long time and will keep going on for a long time. After he begged me to leave him alone I stopped calling. I had to go about my life.

These guys are not legit, don't tell them anything.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Sam
Number: 607-223-5232