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Boo - 11-26-2014

Calls all day. No message

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 470-225-2570

WARNING - 11-26-2014

Scumbag scammer. Pay $600 upfront for access to real rental property. Pretends to be a man of God to gain your trust. Just an a-hole using other people's rental properties to scam innocent people out of their hard earned money. Total loser. Perhaps God will have a plan for you. One way ticket to hell!!!!! How you sleep at night is a mystery when you have no conscience. You will get your due when judgement day arrives. LOSER with a capital "L"

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 805-751-8609

Justin Justin Alsup - 11-26-2014

Scam artist
Identity thief
Fraud violations Nationwide

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Changes
Company: Mpower Communications Corp
Number: 805-751-8609

Justin - 11-26-2014

Scam artist
Identity thief
Fraud violations Nationwide

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Changes
Company: Mpower Communications Corp
Number: 805-751-8609

Ed Top - 11-26-2014

Location finder - They need your physical address to serve court papers (Civil - Debt Collector). Hope this helps you!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 512-271-9470

Pit - 11-26-2014

is located in Cooksville, Ontario.

Its exchange 766 is managed by GLOBILITY.

The number is currently on switch number COOKON74190 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

Caller type: Other
Caller: No message left
Number: 905-766-3317

Laurie - 11-26-2014

wants you to buy a green dot money pack and provide him with the number to get a grant of 9200 from the federal scam

Caller type: Scammer
Company: United States Department of Health and Human Affairs
Number: 202-738-1434

Myrac - 11-26-2014

I got a text message with the same message saying to call regarding an urgent account notification. WF-Bank. I did not respond. My son has an account at Wells Fargo and he got the same text message. So they have both our cell numbers.

Caller type: Other
Number: 908-418-4014

Darlene - 11-26-2014

Same thing happenednto me don't give your information

Number: 908-418-4014

Ashley - 11-26-2014

Telemarketer said that they were trying to collect a debt but I could not get their company info and would not give me any further details.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: MR Smith
Company: Keitz
Number: 513-870-4352

Lani - 11-26-2014

Scammer posing as fake debt collector. Do not give any information. Block this number.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 307-212-6604

Rick - 11-26-2014

Scam texted not legit claim to be hiring

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 626-594-7350

Danniel - 11-26-2014

fantastic place,they help our neighbors out (father of 3 kids died of cancer) with furniture,clothes and food,many big organizations were not even interested in helping them out only Refugee center and Oak neighborhood house were the only ones who replied and delivered without questions asked,thank you Kristin (Refugee center) & Janice (Oak Avenue) for your help and please keep doing what you doing,you are AWESOME !

Caller: Kristin Krauze
Company: Refugee Center

bobby bhakta - 11-26-2014

he called every week he used differant phone numbor

Caller type: Other
Caller: perez hernadez
Number: 323-423-2168

Tinkerbell - 11-26-2014

I have never answered the call. I don't pick up numbers that I don't know, but when I went to try to call them back, there was no ringtone and it said "the number could not be completed as dialed. Please check the number and try again."

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 561-025-5221

MJ - 11-26-2014

I just received another call from # 202-738-4206 I continue to receive these calls from District of Columbia (According to my Caller ID) these people continue to state they are with the US Department of Currency (very broken English) stating I have been selected to receive a Grant of $7,000.00 thru the US Government. I advised that I will be contacting the FDCPA and tracing their phone calls if I receive one more of these SCAM calls. I was told he was going to give my Grant Money to the Homeless. And he hung up!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 202-738-4206


IRS phone scammers. they say that they will arrest us immediately if we dont pay them 4500 dollars. These scum will threaten people. The phone is from Washingtin DC. Please contact the FBI. Pretending to be a Federal IRS agent is a Federal Offence. Please put these scam artists in prison for 40 years. PLEASE WRITE TO THE 'FBI AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THESE SCAMMERS WHO THREATEN LAW ABIDING CITIZENS TO PENETENTIARY. THE LADY IS RUTHLESS AND IS THE CHIEF SCAM ARTIST. PLEASE PUT HER IN THE PENETENTIARY. ALSO REQUEST THE FBI TO NOTIFY INTERPOL AND THE NSA TO TRACK THESE RUTHLESS CRIMINALS
REQUEST TO FBI: Please use NSA and track these criminals.

Caller type: Other
Number: 202-241-8522

Kim - 11-26-2014

I lost rent money now I'm homeless

Caller type: Other
Caller: Michael
Company: us government appreciation grant
Number: 315-636-4036

Jessica - 11-26-2014

Received a call from this number referencing a docket # and saying that they were going to send mail to my home address. Tried blocking the number but they just keep using other numbers.

Number: 844-225-2244

whatevergirl - 11-26-2014

please stop calling 512-469-0993.never a message???

Caller type: Other
Number: 512-521-3230

TesterC - 11-26-2014

Seems to be a scammer. says he is from verizon and your service will be cut off if you don't make a payment today.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 404-418-2144

Customer - 11-26-2014

Rude people who continue to call even when you say to take you off their list. And after you say "no I don't want it, take me off your list" their response is "So you don't want to lose weight? why?" huge scammers!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Pure Green Cambosia
Number: 617-826-6963

sassiebrat - 11-26-2014

This number called me; I immediately called back and a recorded message says that the number is no longer in service.

Caller type: Other
Caller: unk
Company: unk
Number: 310-730-5952

Dave - 11-26-2014

called claiming to be IRS. When i asked for her supervisor she cursed me out and hung up. I emailed IRS to report this phone scam...hopefully others follow suit.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: claimed to be IRS
Company: IRS
Number: 253-205-8307

scam turtle - 11-26-2014

got a text message told me to call this then it said that my card was frozen becuse of security issue then asked me to press 1 to reactivate it so i called my bank and it was not true

Caller type: Other
Company: says welsfargo bank card
Number: 908-428-4014