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Buster PhishingScam - 09-02-2014

Read THE TRUTH! about
562-388-2202 *Unlisted or Unregistered number* RoboCall Scammers.
Caller ID reported ''Vailab U'' Location: Long Beach, CA
Mobile Provider: T-MOBILE USA Switch Office: TRNECAGB5MD

Gypsy contractor SCAM artists call themselves ''Long Beach Home Center''
FRAUD DataMine Phishing for ANY personal information!
They know all about you and that you're on the
National Do-Not-Call List because it was the SOURCE of their call list!
Protect yourself! SAY NOTHING! 2 second silence is recorded to gather intel on you, then all data is saved in their database and used to pry more from you the next time they call. And they WILL call again. Answer no questions. Don't even verify your name! Tell them NOTHING, record the call and only ask questions like the street address and name of their company. Say only ''Do not call. We are registered on the national do not call list. Each violation will be prosecuted at $500 penalty. DO NOT CALL!'' then disconnect and
dial *57 to send a call trace to law enforcement.
Remember to follow-up and file a formal police report.

Callers claim to be Long Beach Home Center, but won't provide an address or a valid contractor number ( Check a Contractor License or Home Improvement Salesperson (HIS) Registration against the California Department of Consumer Affairs - Contractors State License Board.)

Voice Mail Full:

Outgoing message when returning the call -
''You have reached the message center for Home Improvement.
If you'd like to get a free estimate please leave your number.
If you'd like to be added to our Do Not Call list please leave your name and telephone number.
Thank You. (daughter then says Press)''
''Sorry, that mailbox is full. Please call again later. Thank you for calling. Good bye.'' error.

Call type: Scammers/Fraudsters

Caller type: Scammer
Company: VAILAB U
Number: 562-388-2202

Earl - 09-02-2014

Female Recorded message states that she is calling on behalf of the IRS. Threatening legal action if call is not returned to 202-506-9713

Caller type: Other
Company: IRS
Number: 202-506-9713

Kisha - 09-02-2014

Trying to get money from something. When I called back some answering machine comes on

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 716-804-9144

Irritated - 09-02-2014

Just got a call from this number. Caller ID said Kansas, I doubt it. She says they are looking for Electricians (I am) in Holt MI to do electrical work through a referral something or other. She said she got my number from Generac, I am a Generac dealer. But the number she called is not listed on the Generac website so most likely a scammer, phisher or some other bottom feeder scum.

Caller type: Other
Number: 913-529-2715

Peruser - 09-02-2014

Scammer caller

(972) 924-0593
Anna, TX
Call came in from Allen, Texas. Said press 8 to be removed. I pressed 8. I was connected to a live represenatative that said he had all of my information. I asked what ino. He gave me a wrong zip code. I would not give him the correct one. I asked where he was physically at and calling from, he said Atlanta, Ga. I told him I did not believe him. I asked for more info, he gave me only a 512 area code no number. He said he had my address as .... And that was wrong. He then hung up on me.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Could not understand forign accent
Company: Credit Card Services
Number: 972-924-0593

kd - 09-02-2014

When you pick up to say hello, it rings like you called the person, then someone says "Hello"

Caller type: Other
Number: 212-567-0099

RLM - 09-02-2014

I have received numerous attempts from this company

Caller type: Scammer
Company: 9796968165
Number: 979-696-8165

Texas01 - 09-02-2014

He stated in a voicemail that he was a process server and that he had stopped by my home last week but I wasn't available for signature. So he would be stopping by my place of employment today between 1-3pm. Please have my supervisor or manager present so they can witness my signature. He always states it was my last chance & that I need to call 855-339-9694. Whatever! Just bring the paperwork so I can sign it.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Gavin McClain
Number: 855-339-9694

Jim Nikolus - 09-02-2014

Adam called me regarding my computer issue he is very calm and supportive guy and expert technician he fixed my computer now my pc work's good.Thank you Adam.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Adam warren
Company: Online Help Support
Number: 208-144-8007

Ritchard - 09-02-2014

Received a text from Text read - (BankOfAmerica-ImportantMessage.Call:850-764-3130). I checked my accounts online for suspicious activity, found none, googled and found this site. I did not call the number.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: 424273rrcom
Company: Bank Of America
Number: 850-764-3130

Timmy - 09-02-2014

She said that it was a warret out for my arrest. So I got very upset on the phone because I never been 2 jail. So mrs. debra hall told me if I payed $500.00 on the september 16,2014. After that I could pay a small amount. But she will call me on the 16 th.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Debra Hall
Company: Compliace fraud divison
Number: 469-804-3675

Annoyed - 09-02-2014

Received a text message to call Bank of America. (BankOfAmerica-ImportantMessage.Call:850-764-3130)
I have never had a Bank of America account. Knew it was a total scam soon as I saw it. Did not call.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: 4046201rrcom
Company: Bank Of America
Number: 850-764-3130

meanyme - 09-02-2014

9/2/14 Same as JJR's comments. Got text message said to call this number BoA important message. Called it, robo said my BoA debit card had been limited and to press 1 to reactivate by debit card now. I don't have a BoA debit card. Hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Bank Of America
Company: Fake Bank of America
Number: 850-764-3130

jj - 09-02-2014

A man called saying he was from above company
He asked for my address confirmation
Before I would give him this information I wanted information about who he was and what was his company. He would NOT tell me and said he could NOT release this info until I confirmed an address
I said I was not comfortable with that and he said he would call back when I was comfortable and immediately hung up not allowing any further exchange

Caller type: Other
Company: Joseph Manning and Creed
Number: 800-882-8557

Bang - 09-02-2014

No comment

Number: 310-821-8963

JJR - 09-02-2014

received txt message to call this number ("BankOfAmerica-ImportantMessage.Call:850-764-3130). Googled it and didn't see any complaints, so dialed. Auto system claiming to be BoA, asking for my SSN to reactive my debit card (I don't have a BoA debit card).

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Bank Of America
Number: 850-764-3130

FL Person - 09-02-2014

Scam, do not give this person your information or money. He appears to call as different people/places.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Bill
Company: County Courthouse
Number: 321-558-1847

fedup - 09-02-2014

Checked Number and returned call. Received generic voice mail indicating they would call back, but did not identify the vm box as belonging to the IRS.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Julie Smith
Company: IRS
Number: 202-506-9041

Maria - 09-02-2014

Received two calls back to back at 5:30 am from government office trying to collect some money. They were recordings so I called them back at 215 734 0222 and I got a foreign woman, I told her to stop the scam calling and that I was reporting the phone number. She hung up on me.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 215-734-0222

aawpc - 09-02-2014

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Caller: aawpc
Company: chi flat iron sale
Number: 615-988-3582

Ralph - 09-02-2014

Phone ID stated Unknown Name which to me is always suspicious. This was a Labor Day Call at 8:23 p.m.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Something about police
Company: ID said Unknown Name
Number: 215-383-1736

lq - 09-02-2014

I had a response to a csr I have advertised on gumtree. but indicated wasn't able to call, could only email and get someone to pick up and purchase the car? sounds strange

Number: 702-718-7504

Shay - 09-02-2014

Annoying! This person calls and calls and calls every hour and whenever you answer, they just sit there. It's so obnoxious. Like what's your deal, dude?!

Caller type: Other
Company: T-Mobile
Number: 801-660-9233

857-404-8674 Hater - 09-02-2014

I started getting texts from this number when I registered a domain name through I am guessing they sold my information to the company. I have not received any charges on my credit card other than the domain registration fee. I do not appreciate having my information given/sold and especially do not appreciate getting texts in the middle of the night with this spam crap.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Pissed off x-client of MyDomaincom
Company: 857-404-8674
Number: 857-404-8674

Mo - 09-01-2014

Left obscene language

Caller type: Other
Number: 134-754-2892