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niranga - 10-28-2014

I blocked the numbers, I reported to federal trade commission,Consumer Protection, DO NOT ALL REGISTRY, they keep calling me from different numbers please help me to stop these calls thank you

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: marlene
Number: 631-946-8148

MB - 10-28-2014

Sends texts to people telling them to call 862-246-6373 saying that your wells fargo account has been limited. Asks for your SSN and your debit card number. Beware!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 862-246-6373

veryupset - 10-28-2014

Received a voice mail on 10/28/2014,that was not professional from Kelly Franks. This recording was done very poorly - you could not understand, stating that three warrants was being issued for my arrest due to a loan that is owed. I never received any loans from any company that is in collection with a collection agency.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Ms Kelly Franks
Company: Lavine Whitman Tate
Number: 855-392-7676

Fraud Detector - 10-28-2014

Guy called me about the free energy survey scam.

Told them I was not interested. They did not care. Told them to take me off the calling list and HE LIED like they do and said it did not apply to them since they are not selling something (another lie). Their number is blocked.

He called me back immediately after and called me by name.

My spouse also asked him not to call and they were persistent.

The phone ID was blocked and this is a fake number.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Todd or something
Company: Energy Survey Scam
Number: 352-251-7299

Josh Tregle - 10-28-2014

Called but didn't leave a message. Any legitimate caller leaves messages. Read elsewhere that it's a scammer offering low interest credit cards for a down payment of $575.

Welcome to my blocked list.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 334-219-8764

Jake - 10-28-2014

called and didn't leave voicemail and cant call back

Number: 520-355-5161

Harold Duhon II - 10-28-2014

Voice mail, person singing DRUNK in spanish

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 931-225-7144

Teri - 10-28-2014

I called the number back and got a recording saying it's Veterans Now calling for their fundraising drive. It goes on to say to press 1 to be put on their do not call list.

Caller type: Fundraiser
Company: Veterans now
Number: 681-245-8399

dlg - 10-28-2014

Left message from the "IRS", had a thick Indian accent. Said that there were 4 "complaints" against me and that I, or my lawer, should call them back on the toll-free number. Ended the call by saying "God Bless You". I knew then it was DEFINITELY not the IRS.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IRS
Number: 866-978-8285

Bernie - 10-28-2014

Same as "Irritated" comment on 10/28/2014. Three 42 second messages, all exactly the same. Foreign dirtbag scammer.

Good thing I have Ooma, added number to my blacklist.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 650-739-8031

Java - 10-28-2014

This caller had an Indian accent (from India). He said there was legal action against me and that this was the second attempt to call me. I got two nearly identical messages--almost a recording. Something about the department of Treasury and a Grand Jury.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Dean Martin that is what it sounded like on the recording
Number: 650-739-8031

monicafl30 - 10-28-2014

They demanded money

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Internal Revenue Service
Number: 571-526-0022

Bankrupt - 10-28-2014

These people call my son and my husbands cell phones stating they are looking for me and have a case against me. I have been in bankruptcy for the past 5 years. And every creditor that I had was included in my banckruptcy.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 206-858-9066

edwards90301 - 10-28-2014

another guy bought the google telescam kit...blocked recommend you block before you get the call

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 317-318-0370

Makita - 10-28-2014

Called at 8:45 pm Pacific. No message.

Caller type: Other
Number: 248-266-8350

Kat - 10-28-2014

Called and never leaves messages. Called my husband's phone about the same time and when he answered, no one was there responding on the other end.

Caller type: Other
Number: 310-627-1520

anonymous - 10-28-2014

automated system

Caller type: Other
Number: 409-684-2170

Woodbridge - 10-28-2014

571-316-2448 - did not leave a message ... suspect telemarketer or debt collector

Caller type: Other
Number: 571-316-2448

anonymous - 10-28-2014

Texted me asking about my current place of residence. Never responded when I asked who they are.

Number: 702-359-0371

Bear - 10-28-2014

A debt collector trying to contact a named individual who is not in my household. By revealing to a third party (me) that they were trying to collect a debt from the named person, they violated federal law.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 760-259-2803

raleighlady - 10-28-2014

Collecting for Cancer Hospice...Unknown Name...Tried to call number back no answer....Sending out info to mail in donation...Like I'm going to send money to a no name organization that I have never heard of....

Caller type: Fundraiser
Number: 504-206-3729

joe - 10-28-2014

Asked for me by name. Then hung up. Tried to return call and was told 'not in service'.

Number: 615-212-3020

202-241-8745 - 10-28-2014

threatened to take legal action against me if I don't call back. When called they threatened to call the FBI.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: david mur
Company: fedral us
Number: 202-241-8745

Jessica - 10-28-2014

No message.

Number: 407-932-4395

PAMELA TAMOL 716-242-3499 - 10-28-2014

716-812-2970 MOBILE EMAIL

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 716-242-3499