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cheryl - 07-23-2014

Original call was from a Davis (woman) Said there was a complaint due to delinquent check . They have SS# and state ID. Will contact place of employment, residents and will give a list of vehicles own in my name. They gave phone # 877-745-6783 ext.755.
Called them back and got a Julie Martin who told me they are NCS and Vince Enterprise is a loan that was taken in 2011 for $586.00 and want this to be settled. Told her to get an education and get a real job. Hung up on her. Never did I take a loan with this small loan company.
This lady called back and left a threatening phone call that they will be sending someone out to my employment and my resident. And that I need to own up to this debt and either way we will get you.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Davis and Julie Martin
Company: NCS Office
Number: 877-745-6783

krystal - 07-23-2014

A man with a heavy indian accent called saying I will be arrested or hunted by bounty hunters if I don't turn in myself immediately. I'm to call officer alex watson at 9187140101 or risk humiliation. I could hear all kinds of noise in the background on the voice mail that was left. These people are sick and something needs to be done to stop this

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Federal crimes unit
Number: 919-714-0101

Jenette - 07-23-2014

A voice confirms an inspection and asks to press one.

Number: 415-506-8083

IV - 07-23-2014

They have now changed number and spoof with 714-360-0968 Sonoma Court Reporters...don't answer it.

Company: Pinnacle Estate

Vengeance Ismyname - 07-23-2014

This is a Credit Card Services scam operation. I was successful in getting the caller to call me back from a different number and thanks to some sleuthing was able to learn who is behind this scam. Here is the information:

Futuretech Financial, Inc.
Principal: Mr. Ralph J. Brunton (President)
Customer Contact: Mr. Dave Pippin (CEO)
Ms. Barbara Niles
Consumer's Financial Institute, Inc - 121 S Orange Ave STE 1500, Orlando, FL
Another number of theirs is:
(877) 504-3577

The best way to get back at them is to report them to the Federal Trade Commission:

The more people complain the faster these criminals will be held accountable.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Futuretech Financial Inc
Number: 212-347-4455

Murphy - 07-23-2014

Had ad listed on Craigslist to sell furniture. Within hour of posting ad I Received text from this number by person claiming to be named Courtney. S/he offered to purchase without seeing furniture in person. S/he Offered to pay via paypal. Wanted my email for paypal. Asked questions that seemed genuine. But would not speak to me on phone claiming too busy at work. Didn't seem right. I elected to reject offer. Based on this site, it appears to be scam.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Courtney text
Number: 678-805-6094

gtg413i - 07-23-2014

random phone calls that when i answer nobody speaks.

Caller type: Other
Number: 815-566-3404

Me - 07-23-2014

Cold call at work from some pre-recorded guy screaming at me about how the government sued Visa and I could be owed money in a settlement (I don't have a credit card). I pressed the number to talk to a representative, and asked the guy to take me off of his list. I told him I he was calling me at work and I work at a governmental agency. He freaked out thinking I worked for as he put it "the feds". When I explained that I worked with a local government agency, he started telling me how interesting that was and he'd love to hear I married? when I replied yes he went into this long spiel about jumping out the window....I was final able to speak over him and told him to take my number off of his list and he laughed and said ok.....I am not holding my breath.

Number: 800-865-9433

pnl - 07-23-2014

asian speaking wants to qive me a better quote on my alstate inc. it is a scam he will not give me a call back number..... and when i call this number it says press any number to be removed from calling list. so i did let see if it works.48 hrs.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: alstate affiliate
Number: 312-340-5608

pauly - 07-23-2014

they are from walnut ca and want money of course. don't have any to give out.......sorry.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: tropical llc
Number: 925-221-2399

Jay - 07-23-2014

I answered but heard nothing despite my saying "hello" twice until it clicked over and then I could hear a lady in the background obviously talking to other households. I heard her connect twice, asking if the person was aware of some form of compensation or such they could be eligible for. Something to do with Tylenol and such.

Whomever was to be my operator finally figured out the line had been picked up. This time I did not reply and allowed her to end the connection.

Caller type: Other
Number: 305-749-5924

R - 07-23-2014


Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 877-411-5551

Carlie - 07-23-2014

the man said he needed to speak to me about back taxes owed to the IRS. i don't live in that state of CA, and have not owed taxes to that state at any time. he called me by name but he is wrong about the taxes owed. besides with the IRS scandal in DC and Lois Lerner, why would I want to pay taxes when they are one of the most corrupt federal organizations in this country. they can go scratch.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: IRS in california
Number: 209-349-4683

Roger D - 07-23-2014

This number, 210-881-0467, has been calling my work phone almost daily. I called it once, and it was some kind of automatic "lottery" entry system, though it also had "ads" I could respond to for more information. Wow. Someone please make it stop!!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 210-881-0467

Penguin - 07-23-2014

Same goofy scam as above - called me by my wife's name (not at all a boy's name, by the way...) & said he was calling about my Windows computer. I told him I was running Linux, but the guy kept talking like it didn't matter. I don't think these folks really understand how stupid they look. Must just repeating a script. I said he was just trying to scam me and hung up. I wish I'd asked him why he could not find a real job but in the heat of the moment it didn't occur to me.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 818-493-1971

I Ritated - 07-23-2014

Man with accent (perhaps Indian or Pakistanian) left an oddly worded message (maybe they used Bing or Google translator). He said the message was intented for (my name) and he was calling from IRS and that me, my agent or attorney need to call about a time sensitive matter. Then left a whole long message that I didn't understand much of. The syntax he used was often bizarre too. The basic idea was he wanted a call back at 202-506-9761 and an extension that I could not amke out. When I called back I got a busy signal or at other times they answered then a hung up. The next day they called again but didn't leave a message and I didn't answer. Then about 5 minutes later they called again so I answered. It was the same guy claiming to be from the IRS - I laughed and told him I didn't believe him and that he was a scammer. He started speaking in a serious voice and said something about "everyday" and I said - "Everyday scammers like you call - just take me off your call list." So far no more calls.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Lance Lince Loggar allegedly
Company: Claimed to be from the IRS yeah right
Number: 202-506-9761

Jen - 07-23-2014

Called today at 2:16 edt no message

Caller type: Other
Number: 740-338-2593

Sandra M - 07-23-2014

Received a call from a person with a very thick foreign accent who said he represented Microft and that they had a message that there was something wrong with my PC. I ask you...when you had trouble with your computer didn't you have to jump through hoops to get anyone to speak with you?! Asked what state he was calling from and he said Texas. Believe this was an attempt to gain control of the information on my computer.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Microsoft
Number: 210-404-2530

john - 07-23-2014

I got a "bot" call from this number stating it was the IRS and I needed to take ACTION intimately the IRS would take "further actions". Then I checked with the Phone service company and found this is a scam call.

Number: 202-629-0973

Tired of the BS - 07-23-2014

Saying I have been named in a case for court?? I have no idea what they are talking about. No one would tell me what it's about. I am on the phone on hold waiting for them to see if they can tell me?? I am so tired of these phone calls from places trying to get information, or calling about a debt that is not relevant to me. I am sure when this is all said and done it will end of being another debt collector.

Caller type: Other
Number: 855-563-4399

Ken - 07-23-2014

They call several times a week, even being on the Do NOT Call List.

We do not talk with machines nor people that can not speak English.
We certainly will NOT hold for the next available agent.

We just click on/off the phone.

Most likely another Sr. Citizen Scam.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: unk
Number: 866-261-2122

Tired of these - 07-23-2014

These people are leaving messages on my work phone saying that my name and social security has been claimed filed, that I will be served tomorrow. OK, they are also telling me that I owe some payday loan. I do not owe no cash payday loan....I don't think this is legit, if they want to serve me I have no problem with that, because I know I dont' owe anything....its probably a SCAM........Be aware of these people calling from 904-513-2687, they have many people working for them it seems I said I don't owe anything....This guy John Longo was nasty and said He had no longer control of the situation and I will get served and wished me good luck explaining my situation to the judge..WTF!

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Brian Duncan and John Longo
Company: ALS Asset Location Services
Number: 904-513-2687

Jessica - 07-23-2014

I have been getting the same calls from a Blocked number using "Medical Compensation Company" as their company name. Very thick Indian accent every time talkin about a surgery I NEVER had!

Company: Medical Compensation Company

Cait - 07-23-2014

Very rude

Caller type: Other
Number: 888-394-0265

JMN - 07-23-2014

We are on the National Do Not Call list but receive calls from this number daily. I have told him that I have reported him before and that we are on the do not call list. He hung up on me. Bad news this caller.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 405-538-0144