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Barb - 09-12-2014

This number belongs to a scam moving company. They take all your info, arrange a date/time for the move and then never show up. Do NOT hire this company. I am not sure what they get out of these stupid ads on Kijiji, because they don't take a down payment or get any money, but they are stranding a lot of honest people, who then need to scramble to find a legitimate moving company.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: joe
Company: J Movers
Number: 289-383-6864

phuque dood - 09-12-2014

We got 1 call from 5862000076 on 09/11. I didn't answer phone as Caller ID read "Research Center". attempted to call back several times. Got message:
"The number you dialed is no longer in service.", followed by "All lines are busy, please try later."

Caller type: Other
Company: Research Center
Number: 586-200-0076

EZ - 09-12-2014

Asked me for my email address to send me an email about my company.

Number: 203-651-6554

nkina - 09-12-2014

i dont know who it was but i got the call emmidiately after i sent an email to the university of johannesburg

Caller type: Other
Number: 012-391-2509

robert - 09-12-2014

He is a scammer

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Robert Bentele
Number: 347-994-8518

Ron New Jersey - 09-12-2014

They are a FAKE Chinese / ASIAN Online pharmacy scam company.

They are not even a real pharmacy, i got a call from them today and they asked me if i have ordered any meds, i have never ordered from any Asian company.

They have probably stolen customer's data from other sites / pharmacies and are randomly calling Americans to get there Credit card data.

i am sure i will never receive anything, the girl who called me , was so pushy.

BEWARE of ordering from them.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Rosemary
Company: Claiming to be RXCOM which is not a Pharmacy
Number: 626-249-0222

Tracy Fields - 09-12-2014

Is this a telemarketer?

Number: 678-547-3518

Stevo - 09-11-2014

Harassing and threatening, if you do not pay we will send sherif to your work to serve you court papers,he said he worked for us bank, I told him yes I had a old account there and I closed it with no balance ,but he insisted tha I had a 1700 balance due for late fees and other fees , I told him if he wanted I would go to court and see what the judge has to say about it , I told him there is a big error here.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Mitchel
Company: Litigation company not collection
Number: 213-995-6238

rob - 09-11-2014

Same as others. Three calls today - all were identical claiming we must call back to avoid a second offense and are required to go before a magistrate, judge, or the supreme court due to some US Treasury violation.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steve Martin
Number: 215-734-0226

AR Madhatter - 09-11-2014

Calls all the time but hangs up. Tried calling back but get recording the number is not in service. Hmmmmummmm. Reported to AR State Attorney General's office site, F.C.C, and Do Not Call list.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: just says Bentonville AR
Number: 479-802-5491

Pam - 09-11-2014

I got a message on my phone that said I owe them money and I'm going to be taken to court.their going to serve me papers .i don't owe any loan companys any thing.i called the number BA k and it was load noise....

Caller type: Collection Agency
Number: 919-692-6063

unknown - 09-11-2014

I can't belive how stupid these guys are. I had recvd a call as well and they did scare the living hell out of me. They said if I don't pay for what I owe the they are sending the police to my work or home to come and arrest me. He told me that if I can't bail myself out for $1500 then I have to serve my time in jail or prison. How in the world would he know how much is my bail amount is when I have not even seen a judge nor been charged. I have already filed a police report and contacted D/A office and they will find Jordan Hamilton and his crew and they will go down.

Caller: Jordon Hamilton
Company: Hamilton Associates

Fed up and ready to call police - 09-11-2014

They yell and are ignorant. Have blocked them but they still try 6 times a day

Caller type: Sociopath
Company: Cannot understand them
Number: 647-874-1232

iworkEDforthem - 09-11-2014

It's Johnston & Moore Associates 8553934317 PLAY ALONG AS IF YOU'RE GOING TO PAY.....then you will see the REAL company name on the "authorization" you must sign LOCATED IN NORTH CAROLINA!!

Company: Johnson Moore

Al - 09-11-2014

Same as last time

Caller type: Other
Number: 321-209-7177

Connie - 09-11-2014

said same stuff with big accent, like I was going to have swat team at my door

Impersonating the federal government- pretty serious !!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: steve Maltin
Company: said irs but called it ers all one word
Number: 215-734-0226

AD - 09-11-2014

Left a voice mail as a irs representative I called back he answered begin to tell me wispering I'm going to die tonight get out of my house I only have an hour and a half I said who are you he said please get out now your going to die and I said tell me your name ... he hung up ... I called back and the same thing happened I called back again than he said stop calling my phone and hung up I called the police they said they've been getting multiple complaints on the same thing from the same area codes ...

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Mark Brown
Number: 206-414-4126

C S - 09-11-2014

They called my unlisted cell phone 4 times today within 12 hrs. Never leave message. Seen lots of inquiries posted on net -- all dated in Sept, but no one seems to know who they are.

Caller type: Other
Number: 877-609-5694

matt - 09-11-2014

Don't go there !!! I had a good job and listened to that woman. She offered me a lot of money but never paid what she promised.

She convinced me to steal client lists from a competitor that was a good company and always did right by me. In the end that company went out of business because she did this a lot and then calls people telling them horror stories that aren't at all true just to get their money. I ended up in the street with no job as a result of this woman's obsessive behavior.

Caller: Ann
Company: Ethical Factor Rx
Number: 866-642-2920

Scott - 09-11-2014

Super rude man talked over me continuously mentioning something about surfing their job website. It was REALLY WEIRD. His script was so robotic that I thought it MIGHT be a computer program, but instead it was someone who literally sounded like they had a gun to their head.
I got off the phone quick!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Dk
Company: Dk
Number: 919-299-1031

David - 09-11-2014

I've been called repeatedly by this woman that claims she got my number from a "friend".

She keeps calling to the point it's harassing and I've had to report her several times now. Still she calls trying to get me to sign onto her service. She even offered me a job under the table if I agreed to use her service.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Ann
Company: Ethical Factor Rx
Number: 866-642-2920

keggakirts - 09-11-2014

Same thing from another michigan atea code, no voice just silence then click, calls around the same time after work

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 586-200-0166

keggakirts - 09-11-2014

Keep getting call about same time after work, no voice then click

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 586-200-0081

Holly - 09-11-2014

Fake call ladies

Number: 732-310-0630

anethia - 09-11-2014

That i was going to jail i owe ssd finical 1487.00$ and ill be going in three hours

Caller type: Other
Company: ssd finical
Number: 323-244-2927