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brianna - 04-17-2015

CID just says Las Vegas NV

Caller type: Other
Number: 702-706-0357

garrett - 04-17-2015

I received a call form this number - they wanted to consolidate my credit card debt and give me a lower interest rate. I have no credit card debt! They initially tried to come off as my credit card company - I'm thinking it is a total scammer trying to get credit card information

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 602-413-4225

Kristine - 04-17-2015

I got a call from this unrecognized # @ 4:50pm est, did not pick it up , they did not leave a msg.

Number: 602-413-4225

Caution - 04-17-2015

A text was sent to me asking me to email information in relation to an add I posted online. It was not specific as to what they wanted me to email. The email they provided is also coming up in a search as being related to ongoing online scams. ( The number I received the text from was 514-416-6547. There has been no response when I text them back asking form more information. Caution to others.

Caller type: Other
Number: 514-416-6547

cheryl - 04-17-2015

I got the same phone call, I called Barclay bank and they have an automated response saying that people have left fraudulent messages. Just don't call back the number that they leave in your voice mail, or give out personal information.

Caller: ROBO
Company: claims to be barclay cc
Number: 877-464-9118

b - 04-17-2015

Caller ID said "Olympia". Asked for me by my first name. When I said it was me, they hung up.

Number: 360-972-3990

jeff - 04-17-2015

Sales Scam!
Told them to take me off their list and he hung up on me, then called me back to call me a "faggot". Quite the professionals.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Mike
Company: Unidentified Publishing Copany
Number: 954-543-4348

4hunter4 - 04-17-2015

Hung up when I answered. Called back, robo voice said "press 1 to be placed on do not call list" I did and still get calls.
Getting so many calls from so many Telemarketers I may need to change my # !!

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 530-451-3750

Warcam - 04-17-2015

Got the same message from "Shawn Adams" from the Dept. of Legal Affairs today. (909) 589-1049. Sounded like he was calling from New Delhi.

Caller: Sean Adams
Company: US Treasury Dept of Legal Affairs

Suspiciousof CALLINGMART - 04-17-2015

This is the Requisite SPAM call or Text we get EVERY TIME we buy/add minutes to our pre-paid cells from CALLINGMART.COM which, I believe, is based in INDIA. Wish we could find another vendor for our minutes that is as inexpensive, but otherwise I guess we just have to keep tolerating this CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

No doubt in my mind this is CALLINGMART, and this is their CREDIT CARD PHISHING SCAM. We pay with PAY PAL which is FAR MORE SECURE, and they just have to try and get our cc# after EACH and EVERY transaction with them. They NEVER will. AND, if we CAN find another place for minutes that is as cheap or cheaper, then CALLINGMART will be HISTORY.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 832-234-0332

anonymous - 04-17-2015

Trying to scare you into calling them back by suggesting you will be served today... RIGHT, give me a heads up I will be served court papers today. It's a Scam to extort money from you for bogus debt or past old payday loan using illegally received personal info on you.
They try to get an address even though claim to be serving so they must know it.. I asked him to tell me and I'd be waiting around drinking a beer with my 45 loaded... come on by Mr Brown, what time? He started yelling and hung up for some reason.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Brown
Number: 866-254-6971

lisa - 04-17-2015

Called my cell phone two times today already!

Number: 903-416-8401

Annoyed - 04-17-2015

I called the Massachusetts number back after no voicemail, an automated message picks up saying it was added to their Do Not Call List

Number: 857-273-1140

Veronica - 04-17-2015

David Garcia Ask Funny Boy Hamil
They Call Mercedes
She Want To Say Something To Say Hi
David Garcia Say To Mercedes She Call Him 7 Times He Get Mad At Mercedes

Caller type: Politician
Caller: Elizabeth Lewis
Company: Day Care
Number: 917-500-9377

keimanzero - 04-17-2015

I have been getting these calls for the last two days on my landline phone. I have a cell phone number but it is inactive now. I no longer use a cell. I am on the Do Not Call Registry List for my landline number and for my old cell number and all three of my email addresses at Yahoomail and at gmail from Google. This idiot according to my caller ID is originating from Houston, Texas! Bill collectors usually leave messages or say something but this does neither so it must be a bot calling me. Only folks I know who use bots are hackers and scammers or both! I have so many numbers blocked on my landline at Comcast Voice that I cannot add any more! What good is this DNC crap if I am still being harassed by everyone and their brothers and sisters eh? Beware for this is scam season guys and ladies!- keimanzero in Campbelltown PA near Hershey and Harrisburg.

Caller type: Other
Number: 713-581-1245

va student loan payer - 04-17-2015

after continued called, i finally answered. very rude woman explained that her company is trying to collect student loan debt that apparently i was past due. i explained i pay monthly on my student loans and told her not call me any further. i was not interested in joining her program nor did i want further harassment from her calls at all times of the day.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: no name provided
Company: coast professionals
Number: 585-991-5207

Charlie - 04-17-2015

A "Steve" with a fictitious telemarketer of solar energy

Number: 657-216-9370

georgehenery - 04-17-2015

left message on ansering machine ,we have your name an s s number call us back in a timely maner ! ?

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 904-440-0295

Amber - 04-17-2015

This number has called my cell phone several times, and when I answer they hang up. I called the number back, and it asked if I wanted to be placed on a no-call list and I pressed one to be removed. It then told me to wait 48 for my request to be submitted.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: No compan specified
Number: 419-365-6757

SJSooze - 04-17-2015

I answered & no one was there. I returned the call "The number you dialed is not a working number"
I am on the no-call list!!!

Caller type: Other
Number: 701-206-9855

argee - 04-17-2015

Vaguely threatening call claiming to concern name, SSN, and a pending court case with docket #. Caller said we had to talk to our lawyer and return call today to be "compliant". Call recorded at noon.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Tracy Caldwell male
Company: CSG
Number: 844-551-9914

anonymous - 04-17-2015

Received very nasty texts from this individual.

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 928-273-6406

anonymous - 04-17-2015

Don't know who this person is but they will not stop texting and calling me. They keep using profanity and lewd and harassing comments in their texts. Very vulgar individual.

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 928-273-6406

pissed off again - 04-17-2015

Rec'd a call from 844-414-9903 x 111 from Christina Hall telling that I or my attorney need to call them back about a claim filed against me and that they will submit it for processing in my local county. This is the 2nd call.. Different person calling from a different phone number. Forwarded this to my attorney.

Caller: Mr Carlson
Company: Jacobson and Wright

Mary - 04-17-2015

caller left threatening and harassing phone message

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 646-837-7562