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gy - 08-01-2014

Got same call from 202-506-9983, "Julie Smith".

Caller: Julie Smith
Company: IRS

Peter C Greenlee Esq - 08-01-2014

This is called a "Phantom Debt Collection Scam". If a person applies for an online payday loan, personal information ends up in the hands of scammers, usually based in places such as India. These scammers claim that they are with a law firm, and attempt to scare a victim into paying off a debt that the victim does not owe. As of July 2014, these scammers are using a phone number 218 630-7007 (and other computer forwarding numbers) and are telling victims that they are from Greenlee Law Office in Hibbing MN.

I am Peter Greenlee of Greenlee Law Office, and we do not collect debts and have no connection to these scammers, who are fraudulently using our good name. If you receive a call, feel free to call me at 218 729-0628 and report it. Also, the FTC and consumer Financial Protection bureau have more information about "Phantom Debt Collection Scams". Thank you.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Overseas scammers
Number: 218-630-7007

Veronica - 08-01-2014

I have wo.n (sic) a vaca (sic) to the tropics.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: freebahamastripnet
Number: 470-809-9114

Im A US Citizen not a sucker - 08-01-2014

Beware of this one, their very good, they say you owe money for not filing a certain form and you must surrender to the nearest court house or police station. they have information about you from years ago. But all you have to do is clear all this trouble up if you go out and buy get a BOND and they call you back to get the information on the bond and the rest is history.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Daniel
Company: IRS
Number: 202-506-8332

FTC agent - 08-01-2014

Scamming azzholes. Left prerecorded message that my payday loan application was approved and to go to and enter number.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 631-247-0991

Corporate Number - 08-01-2014

I have been getting numerous from this so called "health insurance" company. What these idiots so not realize is that they are calling a corporate number, which belongs to a Bank and trying to dump their sales pitch. This is ridiculous and poorly managed.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Insurance Company
Number: 321-684-7210

Christine - 08-01-2014

Company is dependable for electronic components

Caller: 3217259565
Company: USBidcom

brewster - 08-01-2014

A Scam. Anthem would not spontaneously call me multiple times to tell me some random sales information.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Anthem Blue Cross
Number: 978-775-7490

m - 08-01-2014

Got a text saying call I win a bahama cruise

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 786-605-0052

Eugenie Azor - 08-01-2014

I asked for a loan n they promised me 2000 dollars. They made me purchase a vanilla pack card 4 times n I had to reload 100 the first time n then 50 3 more times. They said the money was processed n in my account n nothing was there. They asked me for an additional 200 dollars n I said no this time

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Patrick Wilson
Company: Fast cash loan
Number: 914-346-6766

pernicious - 08-01-2014

first day called, called 3x in a row

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 234-281-3105

perniciois - 08-01-2014

first day called, called 3x in a row

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 234-281-3105

Tyler White - 08-01-2014

Getting marketing and survey calls are always frustrating and I got about 4 of those from this number on almost a daily basis. After a week I had enough. I called their grievance cell number which this caller kindly posted in this complaint site and told them to cut me out of their calling list. They assured me that I won’t get to hear from them again and they actually kept their promise. What a relief!

Caller type: Other
Company: Simplyoutbound
Number: 203-630-0278

Jacob Wood - 08-01-2014

I would like to say thanks to Simply Outbound for their prompt response and action. I used to get 4 calls a day from this number. But after I called their grievance cell and told them that I do not wish to be a part of their survey and don’t want any more calls, they happily obliged.

Caller type: Other
Company: Simplyoutbound
Number: 203-630-0271

Dan - 08-01-2014

Rang twice then hung up. Probable telemarketer

Caller type: Other
Number: 408-502-7644

Drew - 07-31-2014

After getting to a real person, I told him I wasn't interested and to please stop calling- they hung up! Then in frustration I looked around for a way to stop the calls. I finally found a blog comment to call 866-246-7196 with the caller's phone number to verify it's on the list of phone numbers they provide the do not call request service for and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list. I did that and in a couple of days the calls stopped.

Number: 203-538-0993

Sally - 07-31-2014

Wanted to buy a horse without looking. Said he would send a shipper and only pay through paypal. Typically, you want to look at a horse before you buy, I told him cash only and never heard back.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: thomas
Number: 916-668-3903

vlad - 07-31-2014

this idiots called me at 11 PM!

Caller type: Other
Number: 617-612-5620

Marcia - 07-31-2014

The voicemail was a real person -- "Hello? Hello?" Hang up.

Caller type: Other
Company: I dont know I didnt answer
Number: 571-267-3623

D - 07-31-2014

They call everyday in the morning and again in the afternoon. This has been going on for months. Usually I let my answering machine pickup and they hang up and never leave a message. Today I answered, and after saying Hello 3 or 4 times, a guy asks "Is this... (and says my name) I reply yes, and he starts asking me if my home renovations are completed, or still ongoing. I tell him they call me everyday and how did they get my number, and is he was aware their number is 818-184-7857, and that I'm on the Do Not Call List. He said nothing after that and hung up.
I can tell by his voice he is African American, and probably in his late 20's to 30's. This is just an estimate.
Total a-hole telemarketers.... They call everyday 7 days a week.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 818-184-1544

Marcia - 07-31-2014

"Free" Senior citizen medical alert pendant sales pitch. 6:55pm. I didn't answer the call.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Garbled
Number: 541-981-4450

Irritated in Alabama - 07-31-2014

Our phone has been ringing daily from SSI 205-406-7257. There is never a sound when I pick up. Very IRRITATING

Caller type: Other
Company: SSI
Number: 205-406-7257

Justin - 07-31-2014

Received a call from this number from someone with an Indian accent claiming to be from "IT Support". He used my first name and told me that my computer is generating malicious files when I use Google Chrome and my email. He told me that they are giving me a courtesy call and will tell me how to find the problem.

I told him that I work in IT and he immediately hung up the phone.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: IT Support
Number: 861-201-5589

NC Patsy - 07-31-2014

575-613-7460 calls my cell phone and does not leave a message.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 575-613-7460

DO - 07-31-2014

Caller texted and wanted information to send certified check for lawn mower was informed he is a fraud

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: harry
Number: 918-884-6424