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bballer828 - 10-31-2014

Asked if I wanted to lower my credit card rates.

Caller type: Other
Number: 918-735-1265

Ginny - 10-31-2014

Ignored. Nita B of A customer

Caller type: Scammer
Company: B of A
Number: 706-621-7960

Sue - 10-31-2014

Report for spam

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 832-604-9119

Stop The Scammer - 10-31-2014

Fake Short Term or Payday Loan Scam

Calls from the following area codes and numbers have all been reported to be scammers. These scammers use phony number and names to attempt to get potential victims to send in money on fake loans that appear to be from legitimate sources.

1-408-905-0098, 713-931-3690, 713-931-3641, 713-936-3424, 713-893-1051, 281-404-4394, 512-686-4244, 210-401-3930, 979-639-7900, 779-400-0010, 817-400-1316

The names vary each time. These fraudsters have committed company identify theft against a Federal Credit Union.

Consumers targeted by the scam typically are looking for a payday or short term loan and search the Internet for assistance. They voluntarily place their personal information on these independent sites (not recommended) and then receive an email from one of the aliases. They say that you have been approved for a short term loan that is affiliated with companies that the scammer has no association with whatsoever.

Consumers who respond by telephone to the offer are then told that in order to receive the loan, they have to pay for either an upfront fee, taxes owed, processing fee, etc., in the form of a MoneyPak or Pre-paid credit card including Vanilla Network cards. Do not pay any upfront fees and hang up on them.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 408-905-0098

PJ - 10-31-2014

Called yesterday and today. Did not answer. Left no message.

Caller type: Other
Number: 321-424-2433

Tired of ScamTelemarketers - 10-31-2014

They said my computer was running some problem on windows and offered to fix it over the phone. Thick Indian accent, claimed to be calling from Las Vegas, but it's a Virginia number. They hanged up when I asked how they got my number.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Claimed to be from Microsoftwindows
Number: 757-123-3569

SMS - 10-31-2014

Robotic call with Indian accent claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. SCAM!!!!

Company: Internal Revenue Service
Number: 415-234-9588

cindy - 10-31-2014

I do have a pending tax issue so I believed the man when he said he was calling regarding my 2013 income tax. The disturbing part to me was that he said I could pay my taxes today at the local IRS. I that point I thought it could not possibly be a fraud if they wanted it paid at the IRS Office. Also, they said they had a warrant, they actually used the real POLICE dept phone number and had an individual call me from there regarding my warrant. It was the REAL police dept phone number. They can hack into the police dept and make the call seem legitimate. I called back the second number that called me and it was the police dept. but no one there had called me.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Morgan
Company: Internal Revenue Service
Number: 716-332-6412

Call Hater - 10-31-2014


Caller type: Scammer
Number: 817-855-1212

Bunkie - 10-31-2014

This number called me saying, you've requested informational for furthering your education, and I'm following up on that request. This call is being recorded, did you want to further your education?
My answer No,
Are you still interested in furthering your education?
My answer No,
Can't you repeat that?
My answer, no thank you!
And they hung up..
What a bunch of BS!

Caller type: Other
Company: Did not say
Number: 304-380-9054

EJ - 10-31-2014

Machine Message to call IRS. I didn't call back. It's a scam.

Company: IRS
Number: 240-949-7533

lanie - 10-31-2014

She called to tell me that my computer has been hacked and that she will help walk me through how to fix it. I asked her "are people really dumb enough to fall for your scam?" "She said not most people, but I think you are dumb enough to fall for it".
I said "oh really? That's so funny of you to tell me this because I'm married to an IT guy and there is nobody that can hack into my computer system".

** We actually had a friend of ours who is a computer genius try to hack our system one time and he couldn't do it LOL **

Please warn everyone you know that Microsoft WILL NOT be calling you regarding a virus on your computer!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Microsoft
Number: 716-200-4864

Irate - 10-31-2014

Rude and unprofessional and even argued with me about applying for a money loan! First of all, there's no way in hell I would ever apply for these since they're a rip off and second of all I couldn't apply even if I wanted to since I just barely filed for bankruptcy.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Money Loan
Number: 850-250-3117

Rafael - 10-31-2014

I just got a call no message no answer

Caller type: Other
Number: 254-152-3658

sickOfTheScammers - 10-31-2014

Received a text from - "ImportantNotification.PleaseContact:706 621 7960" is a real estate investment group, my guess it this is a timeshare scam. I ignored the txt.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 706-621-7960

New to this - 10-31-2014

This was a call from

Caller type: Other
Company: Prank Dial
Number: 402-205-3331

glory - 10-31-2014

Ayer me llamo para ofrecerme una oferta no es como obtuvo mi # de cell hoy volvió a llamar pero a mi otro número. No conteste. No dejo mensaje

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: Pareca mexicano
Company: Direct TV
Number: 787-305-2080

SickAndTired - 10-31-2014

Called to tell me I was being sued by the IRS and to call another number, 202-864-1678. I know the IRS would serve papers, not leave me voicemail. Hopefully there are no idiots out there that fall for this crap.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: None Computer voice
Number: 710-201-3246

hater - 10-31-2014

Call, laeve no message, can't call back. SCAMMERS

Caller: Head Jerk
Company: Jerks
Number: 614-283-0289

Samantha - 10-31-2014

No response when calls and when I call back it doesn't ring and eventually goes to the disconnect beep.

Number: 618-319-4740

Not Important - 10-31-2014

Got a text message from this same number claiming to be bank of america. How exactly do you run a virus scan on an iPhone?

Company: WF Bank

roger foz - 10-31-2014

On Oct.30 I received a call from 607-231-5382 asking me to call tel no.202-747-2140.I then call it and an Indian accent person greet me that he is an IRS officer.From here he will scam you so don't believe him for what he will tell you.

Company: 618-463-1412
Number: 202-747-2140

Nick - 10-31-2014

Unknown number, but, given the tag and the date, Halloween 2014, it's a horror of some kind- probably a politician fishing for someone too stupid to have yet decided how to vote. I hope this pol has a nice smile and is tall, that gets my vote every time.

Number: 860-944-8218

Adrian - 10-31-2014

fake, scam , not atty just collection office

Number: 314-261-9711

Alfred - 10-31-2014


Number: 314-261-9711