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NAS - 09-19-2014

Unsolicited/Nuisance/Fraud/SCAM/Prank telephone calls are here to stay. Robotic calling technology is readily available and unscrupulous people will exploit it. Get a life and deal with it.

What can you do?

1) Block the calling number. Most cell phone service providers (and some cell phones themselves) have blocking services. Many land line phone providers also have blocking services. Contact your service provider (cell or land-line) to find out how to do it. For a nominal one-time investment you can purchase a simple plug-in add-on device that allows you to manually block numbers to your land-line (Google "call blocker"). Note that these callers don't use a number very long before they switch to another and hit you again. Get used to it. It's an unadvertised perk of having phone service.

2) If you do answer a call and get a real person talking to you, you have established a "business relationship" which takes you out of any Do Not Call Registry restrictions with them….as if they were abiding by those regulations anyway. Engage them in non-committal conversation as long as you possibly can. Act VERY interested. Mess with their minds. Give them phony credit card numbers. Give them fictitious addresses. Make up names. Consume as much of their time as you can. While you are taking up their time they cannot harass someone else, so you are performing a vital civic service. When they do finally hang up, block their number on your phone.

3) DO NOT call them back! DO NOT select the button that is supposed to remove you from their database. These actions only registers your phone number as valid so they can add it to their list to sell to other scammers. Such action also establishes that you have "done business with them before" which takes you off of the Do Not Call Registry for them….as if they would even consider abiding by the law anyway.

4) Telephone communications are regulated by state and federal governments. Carry a card with the phone number of your State Attorney General (who has the responsibility of enforcing telecommunications laws). When you get an unsolicited call tell them that they have caught you on a phone that can't be used for personal use (or they've caught you on your cell) and ask them to call back on a different number. Give them the Attorney General's number, hang up, and immediately block their number on your phone.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Rachel
Company: Credit Card Services
Number: 906-209-8746

craigslist poster - 09-19-2014

He tried that lat Friday with me, He answered my ad.I call state police tech crimes unit left a report..about same thing..

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Its Calvin j longer
Number: 609-287-8360

RudeAwakening - 09-19-2014

I received two calls from this number today. The number might be spoofed. Finally, I after receiving a call from a 213 area code, I called back, and the number was out-of-service. Then, I called the first number back, and got music-on-hold. After pushing a bunch of buttons and finally on got through the MOH after pressing 0.
A person in an Indian-sounding accent answered, and seemed a bit confused at first but then started rambling a sales pitch about some sort of medical service. I couldn't quite understand what he was saying. I asked him if he was a scammer, and he denied it. I asked him what health insurance company I had, and he preceded to babble some more.
I didn't bother listening to him, and instead cut through it by telling him I didn't like him calling me repeatedly. Eventually, he got it, and I hung up.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 786-540-0173

Motherfukker Jones - 09-19-2014

Another telemarketer.
I'm on the do not call list.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 321-250-1795

Nell - 09-19-2014

Offered to lower my rates. Told him I didn't have any cards for him to lower, and asked him to put me on their do-not-call list. He would not give me his name or the name of the company but he did say he was in Orlando when I asked if he was in India (and 305 IS a FL area code). I told him I was on both national and state do not call lists and it was illegal to call me. He cussed me out, called me a f***ing b**ch. (Not exactly professional). 9/19/14

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: No just the above and would not say what card
Company: SAID Cardmember services but probably not
Number: 305-368-7501

pk - 09-19-2014

No voicemail left - Called me 2 times yesterday and today.

Number: 323-843-0060

ub - 09-19-2014

I just recieved same call from the same scammers. They even gave a fake irs id after Irrequested. Someone need to stop them


Number: 202-800-7730

cul8r - 09-19-2014

As Nancy said, the caller is not an American, very thick Indian accent. Claims to be from Dept of Treasury threatening a lawsuit. Also said, "If you call back, please have your attorney to do so, or else your "mess" will get worse", in her words.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Dept of TreasuryDept of Justice
Number: 202-241-7398

SpamBuster13-0 - 09-19-2014

This is becoming obscene I work the graveyard shift and call everyday when I'm asleep I do not appreciate these rude awakening calls no longer they call about renovations either they're a plumbing company or panels, interior/exterior paint ac/heating repair installation and air duct/vent restoration and so forth we we do not hire any small business or self employed companies with no credentials non licence or non insured and not known names rdpecually unlisted for various reasons we only contract respected well known companies with the proper credentials and trusted names listed in the yellow pages recommended with the protection or safe shield no matter what the cost even though I pay the metaphorical price with these bozos calling about 2 or 3 times a day..I clearly state to whom ever from what ever company at the moment and every time I respectfully deny their offers that I'm not interested and and never will be to please have my phone number removed from their list but unfortunately they continue to call even though they say they will ..(just in case these messages a relayed to the spammers) I'm at the point having investigators and/or private investigators trace them for me to see to they're apprehension for falsifying a companies name and to see what these guys are really up to because i do believe they are burglars or some kind con artist of some sort because what some people can do now a dsys really amazes me but doesn't amaze me whatsoever I have a cousin who's wife is a district attorney for the city of L.A. so if necessary I'll have her put a case on them so deep they will never make it out ..hopefully the don't use they're one free phone call to call me about renovating hahaha ..thank you for your time and help greatly appreciated

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: john mike steve etc
Company: every time its a different company
Number: 714-269-2195

Irritated - 09-19-2014

All hours of the night and day for over a year now I get phone calls from different numbers.. This was one of them. A recording in Spanish. It's rude and I wish I knew how to make it stop!!!

Caller type: Other
Number: 209-203-2233

Tim Idaho - 09-19-2014

Robot caller that asks recorded questions. Sounds like a real person but is not. Questions you and waits for a response and continues is sales pitch, in this case, offers for employment and education offers. This is illegal here and should be fined and/or arrested for phone fraud.

Caller type: Other
Number: 208-991-3918

G - 09-19-2014

Left a winded message about the new "viral" twitter called then he goes on to explain what his company does. dumb imo.

Caller type: Other
Company: Showmegraminfo
Number: 832-786-4520

TNT - 09-19-2014


Caller type: Scammer
Number: 860-631-5479

Jill - 09-19-2014

One ring and they hung up no voice mail nothing!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 702-623-8418

Regina - 09-19-2014

Caller stated he wanted to reduce my interest rate on my MasterCard/Visa. I asked which specific card. His reply was Chase, Bank of America, Sears. I again asked which card. He said "The one that starts with 4266." I stated I had no such card, please remove my name from his list. He hung up. I believe he was phishing for information.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 305-368-7501

debbie - 09-19-2014

This person is a stalker.
And a whore.

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Tami Berry
Number: 303-666-1364

Some GUy - 09-19-2014

some cunt calls from this #. telling me there is a problem with my car insurance.. bitch, i don't even have a car... fucking cunt!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 864-214-0134

Ghetto - 09-19-2014

This line called me with what sounds like a call room of some sort, but just goes on and on with the ghetto slang in the background. Very annoying.

Caller type: Other
Number: 916-374-7618

Sandeep - 09-19-2014

even i got a similar call today

Number: 209-266-1318

Consumer Watch - 09-19-2014

Golden Arbitration or whatever name they are using is not a licensed Texas Collection Agency, even though they have claimed to be licensed under this name. Section 392.101 of the Texas Finance Code prohibits a third-party debt collector or credit bureau from engaging in debt collection in Texas unless the third-party debt collector or credit bureau has obtained a surety bond and filed a copy of the bond with the Office of the Secretary of State.

The fact they doesnt use the mini miranda on their consumer accounts shows their lack of education; record their phone calls and send them to the office of dean malone.

Seth or whatever is his real name has been engaging in the unauthorized practice of law. File a complaint here -

This company is under a watchful eye.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Seth
Company: Golden Arbitration
Number: 469-804-8733

GJ - 09-19-2014

Claimed to be Conducting survey for/with AT&T 3 quick questions and offering $20 credit toward bill upon completion. I see others here stating Verizon. Fraudsters most likely know what blocks of numbers are owned by which wireless carriers and identify themselves as your carrier BEWARE. I advised him I don't do phone surveys and if he was really with AT&T he would know that. Response was mumbled and he hung up.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 919-555-5050

NC Mobile Phone Caller - 09-19-2014

I also received a threatening Voice Mail from "Investigator CHLOE KELLER, Legal Serving Department of FORT BEND County [TEXAS]," who left a phone number of the "Filing Party" "844-856-2950" and a "case number." When I called, the "Filing Party" was also IDEAL DIRECT SERVICES, and its cordial employee, CARL CHRISTIAN, agreed to remove my phone number from his company's "case number XXX-XXX." He also assured me that his removal of my mobile phone number would also be updated with Fort Bend County [TEXAS], [since I DID NOT EVEN KNOW THE IDENTIFIED PERSON, whom "INVESTIGATOR Chloe Keller had threatened on my phone with a "COURT SUMMONS" at HIS home or employer. Since Keller had also asserted that she would be "accompanied by a deputy sheriff for security," I attempted to contact CHLOE KELLER myself--not trusting Carl Christian of IDS to notify the Fort Bend County Investigator. I contacted the offices of the SHERIFF, DISTRICT ATTORNEY, CONSTABLE AND COUNTY CLERK in Fort Bend, TX; and no one knew "Investigator Chloe Keller." Therefore, I concluded that the initial voice mail message from an unidentified number was an illegal debt collection technique, and the IDS employee's assurance that his deleting my telephone number would also "update the county record automatically" was equally deceptive. (There are other reports under 844-626-5396 which identify Chloe Keller as working for Dallas County and Tarrant County, so she is, therefore, misrepresenting herself as an investigator for a least three counties in Texas. Chloe Keller, I conclude, is an investigator for IDS and illegally impersonating a government official.)

Caller type: Collection Agency
Caller: Inspector Chloe Keller
Company: Ideal Direct Solutions
Number: 844-856-2950

Robbie - 09-19-2014

This is a company, Home Protections Technologies, that sells security systems. They want to put a sign in your yard and they give you a free security system but they want you to pay the monthly service. $44 for 36 months. They say the price will never go up. They cold call and its seems like a call center in a warehouse. You can hear everyone in the background and they are 100% scripted.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Home Protections Technologies
Number: 352-277-5233

lisa - 09-19-2014

he called 3 times in three hours. The message was exactly the same all three times. Same message left in the other comments and complaints

Caller type: Other
Caller: Steve Martin
Number: 213-455-2087

lou w - 09-19-2014

A male with a strong Spanish accent said his name was Steve Martin and he was with the US Justice Department and I needed to call 213-455-2087 to provide information for grand jury investigation. He threatened that my failure to respond would be a criminal offense.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steve Martin
Number: 213-455-2087