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NO FOOL - 02-07-2016

Same old crap...Indian accent claiming to be ready to fix computer problem (that we do not have). Told him it was a scam and he should get a real job. Hung up and he called right back stating it was not a scam, he wanted to help. LMAO

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: someone from Ithaca MI
Company: Computer Fix
Number: 989-875-4314

MrAllen - 02-07-2016

Professional, real pictures!! Great service!!! Sweet girl

Caller type: Other
Caller: Leah
Number: 702-779-4675

Jay - 02-07-2016

Yea they called me to. I was worried at first until I called back and it was obvious it was a scam.

Number: 530-217-1121

ub - 02-06-2016

They called and wanted to clean my carpets.
I have tile floors. I hung up immediately.
I'm on the Federal do not call list. I guess they don't care.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Carpet Masters
Number: 936-367-4090

Da PoPo - 02-06-2016

Fake check Craigslist "delivery driver pickup" Scam

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: unknown text only
Company: Craigslist Fake checkdelivery driver scam
Number: 323-767-8080

hmmm - 02-06-2016

This number is calling my house 6-8 times a day, with no response.

Caller type: Other
Number: 700-232-9722

CallHunter - 02-06-2016

Casper Allen Lee, Burbank, Ca.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Casper Allen Lee
Number: 559-468-7244

Big Dave - 02-06-2016

Nigerian romance scam began on user textme5855687670 Daniela Brooke alias used with 'Sweet Krissy' Madison pics. brookedana72 requested urgently needed money. Initial ph# chgd to 352-247-4978 Had me send moneygrams to 'neighbor' Edward Lucas in Brookesville Florida and 'coworker' Lara Paul in Lagos, Nigeria where she was allegedly doing makeup for a beauty pageant. Send no money!! This is not a beautiful Caucasian Canadian female but a group of Nigerian men!!.Creepy!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Daniela Brooke alias used
Number: 352-247-4978

mad phone owner in IL - 02-06-2016

They keep calling my numbers asking for personal information to be verified. I have called the police to make a report as they have called several times in the last two weeks. Even after telling them to remove me from their list.

Company: Credence Resource Management
Number: 630-405-5331

Person - 02-06-2016

The number 631-827-1544 called saying my sister was in an accident and was kidnapped and they were going to kill her I had my sister on another phone it's an obvious scam for money - tell them you are having them recorded and notifiy police

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 631-827-1544

jim - 02-06-2016

My aging parents have received several calls from this phone number, which they allowed to go to there answering machine. However, a message was never left.

Today, I was at their house and answered the call from this number and heard three odd-sounding beeps, and that's all.

Based on this, I imagine it's a robocaller. See the "Robocaller, why do you not speak?" article at

Number: 877-643-4350

Becca - 02-06-2016

caller threatened police visit - caller said that there was a big tax bill owed and return call was needed IMMEDIATELY to avoid action.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 530-217-1121

KC - 02-06-2016

Said I won a free home built on a parcel. Never entered any contest. Insisted on showing up at my home. I declined. Called me about 12 times until I said I'd call the law on him.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Todd Gremler
Company: Forest Lebaron Homes
Number: 208-420-3238

Tim - 02-06-2016

For kicks I called the number and since I was enjoying the moment so I asked a few additional questions. When I asked where they were calling from I was told they were calling from North Korea. When I asked why the US Treasury Department would be calling from North Korea I was told it was the North Korean Treasury Department and they were calling because the US stole money from them and they are calling to get us to pay them back.
I said no thanks and wished him well.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Officer Jordon
Company: claimed to be TreasuryIRS
Number: 347-418-0583

Thoroughly Pissed Off - 02-06-2016

First, this person called at 8:17 am on a Saturday. This is a day that most people get to sleep-in; how dare this person do that!
The message was that if "you" did not call back, "you" would be facing enforcement action for a federal criminal offense of the US Treasury and could automatically be forced to appear before a magistrate judge. Next time, keep the message to yourself and stay off the phone!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Dennis Gray
Company: u s treasury
Number: 347-418-0583

Big Al - 02-06-2016

I got the same call. It's a scam. If you EVER get in trouble with the Feds, they're not calling you. They'll mail you with bureaucratic-speak paperwork, or the FBI busts down your door. Not a robo-call asking you to call back.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 347-418-0583

MJ - 02-06-2016

Called on a Saturday. Didn't leave a message.

Number: 862-204-8029

Otetiana - 02-06-2016

(Male voice with a Pakistani? accent) Hi. This message is intended to contact you. My name is Steve Martin and I am calling regarding an enforcement action executed by the US Treasury intending a serious (attention?). Ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to to avoid initial appearance before a Magistrate Judge or a Grand Jury for a criminal offense. My number is 202-864-1369. I repeat 202-864-1369. I invite you to cooperate with us and help us to help you.
This guy is a lowlife lizard out Phishing. It seems he is in Washington DC with the other lowlife criminals that are robbing us!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Steve Martin
Number: 202-864-1369

AHH - 02-06-2016

Left voice mail for scam saying we needed to deal with a tax problem and asking to call back at this number.
Clearly a fraud.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 561-692-7457

Vicki - 02-06-2016

Same as Remington's report: The automated voice demanded that we call the number to prevent an enforcement action for a federal criminal offense of the U.S. treasury. Failure to return the call is an automatic refusal to cooperate with the law, and may result in the necessity to appear before a magistrate judge.

Caller type: Other
Number: 347-418-0583

Bullet - 02-06-2016

Called me twice today, Said it was an Officer Brown with the IRS and that some information on my tax return was fraudulent activity and that I should call right away.
I called and acted all concerned said I need to straighten it out asap.
He was a foreigner, Sounded like he was from India or somewhere close to it.
He asked me to hold while he pulls up my record, I asked him how do you know my SS# when he didn't ask for it yet (not that I was gonna give him my real one anyway) He then asked me if he was speaking to Carlos something or other, I said yes I'm Carlos and I thought he had a very sexy voice (LOL) and he replied he wasn't gay. I said neither am I mother fucker, don't call this number again you piece of shit scammer...he hung up before I pulled the phone away from my ear.
If you get a call from them have some fun with them, Sad to say but I'm sure some folks get taken by these thieves.
Be smart and NEVER give out any personal information to these scumbags

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Officer Brown
Company: IRS
Number: 202-697-9551

Kimber - 02-06-2016

Caller speaks poor English. Wanted to talk to me about my computer asking if I were the "main owner of my computer." Stated that I am not interested in buying a computer. He stated he is not selling computers. I stated I do not own a computer. He acted stunned as though he did not believe me....which left me wondering IF he could tell that I was on the computer at that moment...hmmm...he then thanked me, ending conversation and hung up.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 483-257-3569

Reported to FTCIRS - 02-06-2016

Scam Artist / Caller claims to be from the US Treasury Department and that if you ignore their robo-call and don't call them back that you'll be subject to prosecution. Caller has a heavy accent - reported the matter to FTC / IRS on their website.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Dennis Quaid
Company: Claims to be with Treasury Department
Number: 347-418-0584

steve - 02-06-2016

Total scam that the IRS was filing a suit against me. Call center is loud and CSR had a heavy accent. The IRS does not conduct business this way. I hope someone takes these a-holes down hard.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: IRS
Company: Internal Revenue Service
Number: 646-740-0186

A - 02-06-2016

I see my list of unwanted calls has grown again. Harassment any way it occurs. Started out with Soldiers Angels, then Sold Angels C4C, now changed to Soldier Support. Always a different number. Hung up as soon as answering machine clicked on. If I'm going to support our service people willl do it at the local level where I know the money is being spent for what they said it would be and going in someones pocket who didn't earn it.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Soldier Support
Number: 409-241-9646