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J Elders - 09-21-2014

Sociopath is closest description. He texts me asking for pictures of myself. He got my number from Craigslist Male 4 Male casual hookup ads. He contacts me asking for pictures of me. I refuse. He gets upset.
He is a cyberbully

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: Not suremale from Joliet
Company: Texted me through Craigslist M4M
Number: 815-546-0960

David 425 777-3976 - 09-21-2014

Great service,donated some stuff that i brought with me from US,Thanks to John & Tim for picking it up yesterday

Caller: Kristin
Company: Refugee Center

Brian - 09-21-2014

Texted me from a Craiglist add wanting to send certified check and wait til it clears bank and then will pick up merchandise....SCAMMER!! I texted back saying cash only!

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 540-212-9422

Rather not say too embarrassed - 09-21-2014

Also uses James Edward. First contacted me in May looking for love but stuck in Nigeria. Now texts me he was flying home to Virginia but flight stop in Dublin attackers raided plane taking everything.Says he,s in Unity Hospital with gunshot wound and hurt hand.He found me on Facebook.

Caller type: Other
Caller: James Scott or James Edward
Company: Entrapenure
Number: 571-377-1854

TMF - 09-21-2014

They better stop harassing me. I will notify the FCC. And I may start a law suit against them.

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Citi Commerce Solution
Number: 423-477-6983

Stop The Scammer - 09-21-2014

We appreciate you contacting us about this issue. It is a Scam.

Fake Short Term or Payday Loan Scam

Calls from many area codes and numbers have all been reported to be scammers. These scammers use phony number and names to attempt to get potential victims to send in money on fake loans that appear to be from legitimate sources.

The names vary each time. These fraudsters have committed company identify theft against a Federal Credit Union.

Our company,, does not offer personal or payday loans period. Anyone contacting you on behalf of our company are fraudsters. Please see our page at . Do Not respond to them whatsoever. We ask that you send us any e-mails you have received from them to as well as their phone number so we can turn that over to Federal investigators. Thank you.

This is very similar to the following Houston local CBS news story.

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 713-931-3692

brianna - 09-21-2014

Survey of "the direction the city of Reno is headed" I hung up as soon as I heard the robovoice

Caller type: Surveyor
Company: Laughlin NV
Number: 702-803-3367

Luny - 09-21-2014

Have received numerous calls lately from companies that got my number off job sites where I have applied for jobs on line. I do not usually answer anything that does not have ID, but called back this one on a hunch. Phone was answered "Academic Advisors." They have option to "Press 1 to unsubscribe" or "Press 2 to speak with an advisor."

Caller type: Other
Company: Academic advisor
Number: 415-690-2098

Donjulio812 - 09-21-2014

I like this girl. She's my favorite. She stayed long enough to do her job well. She takes her time on body rubs so perfect. I like it. You should try her. She's very classy, fine body, soft skin. Kindest girl I ever met. She's worth while.

Caller type: Other
Number: 323-842-5522

Idael - 09-21-2014

I just got a text from this number, and here is what I exchanged:

2816242354: Hello How are you doing? I have event coming on the 11th of October,i will like to do SPA MASSAGE for 6 people can you take care of this before the event date? i have made arrangement with the Private Driver that will bring 2 people per day for 3 consecutive days. Kindly get back to me with the Price per person and the type of credit card you accept as payment?? Regards. Mack

Me: I only accept cash, and the price per person per hour is $350.00, please kindly let me know if you are interested so I will do the arrangements.

2816242344: You mean the price per person an hour $350.00?

Me: Yes...that is my fee schedule

2816242354:The price is too much and i have never had about this price before, thanks i will contact another person

Me:You are welcome. Have a great day.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Non Provided
Company: 2816242354
Number: 281-624-2354

mellion - 09-21-2014

Call from (248) 564-7917

Caller type: Other
Number: 248-564-7917

Pablo - 09-21-2014

Several calls a day with only a tv or radio in the background, caller will not respond, creepy...

Caller type: Sociopath
Company: would not talk
Number: 438-399-1858

ki ki - 09-21-2014

did not lv msg

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: un k
Company: unk
Number: 980-267-3422

Lulu - 09-21-2014

I received similar message from the weirdo as well. But I amused myself by texting back. The person seems to claim to be the one who's body God himself possesses... But when confronted with his/her claim making him/her the Antichrist and my calling him/her El Diablo (this statement was made because of this text..Hey fuckface. In spanish its. Dios entro en mi cuerpo como un cuerpo mismo tamano. Thats god entered my body like a body same size. Theres half world covered.. the texting came to an abrupt stop.

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 317-408-9306

CEE - 09-21-2014

Calling on a Sunday and doesn't leave a message!

Caller type: Other
Number: 217-903-5482

Elaine Balderston - 09-21-2014

707-781-6885 is the number of a lowlife scammer named betty camhi. She was up here
in Ashland and medford oregon and she scammed
all kinds of people online and over the phone.
Just a nasty piece of work that needs to be in jail.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Dances with the Void
Company: Betty Camhi Dances with the void
Number: 707-781-6885

Stormy - 09-21-2014

402-880-9786 phone of Connie Habbena Aschinger. She is on the man prowl. Cheated on her husband Jack Aschinger, now a widow, still prowling!

Caller: Connie Habbena Aschinger
Number: 402-880-9786

rt - 09-21-2014

Reply to Craig's List said mover would pick up
Text sent from +1 (347) 955-9201

Caller type: Scammer
Number: 347-955-9201

WARNING Scammer - 09-21-2014

Scammer !!!!!

who told me I had won a $100.00 gift certificate. wanted information from me. they wanted to charge me a shipping fee. WTF !!!
Im goona call them everyday until they get annoy !!!!

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Indain lady there a lazy lady and supposly superviser Zack
Company: savings spectacular
Number: 203-409-5991

xxx - 09-20-2014

scammer from craigs list. I know who you are , I know what you did. I will retaliate. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Sgt Belinda
Number: 347-956-4840

Sandy - 09-20-2014 serial dater womanizer aka matt197683

Caller type: Other
Caller: Bryon
Number: 201-776-4282

lynn - 09-20-2014

just curious as to location of number and if there is anything suspicious on number activity

Caller type: Other
Caller: joshua martin
Number: 760-933-8031

the whole thang - 09-20-2014

for cash she will put long fat things in her butt.28 inches of buttdick dilldo is her favorite.what the hell 20 bux i watched it and she stuffed it all..and a poolball too..dupo ill at its best folks.618 509 0485 is her number and her name is LORI she has a great body and blonde hair too..50 bux you can fist it too..

Caller type: Sociopath
Caller: lori buttgrease
Company: butt for hire
Number: 630-201-8343

Gala - 09-20-2014

This guy (obviously from India) called telling me that he was getting signals from my computer that there was something wrong. I told him where to go.

Caller type: Other
Company: Computer Services
Number: 917-697-1435

NO ONE - 09-20-2014

Spanish scam

Caller type: Other
Company: Peerless Network
Number: 786-204-4358