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Publishers Clearing House not really

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laurelic - 07-15-2010

My mother received a call from this phone number in Jamaica. "Berger Williams" has a thick accent, but says that he is from Customer Service at Publishers Clearing house, and she has just won third prize, which was $250,000. She actually had sent in a Publishers Clearing House form for the first time earlier this year, and he seemed to know that. He also knew her address. When I heard her talking to this guy, I quietly picked up the extension and waited for him to ask her for money or personal information. He never did. He told her that the Publisher's Clearing House van would be arriving with several police, financial, and Publisher's Clearing house officials to escort her to her bank with the check. He asked how far away her bank was from our house, but he never asked the name of the bank. He gave her the number of the check that she would be receiving, as well as this telephone number-- 876-867-5667 (which matched the number on our caller ID.) Except for the fact that the call was from Jamaica, (and I couldn't imagine PCH would be outsourcing their 3rd Place Winner calls to someone who could barely speak English,) I would have believed this call was the real thing. So I called Publisher's Clearing House this morning at 1-877-379-3377 to see what they had to say. They said they *never* make telephone calls to inform people of their winnings. The winners are only informed when the PCH van pulls up outside their house with the balloons, roses, and giant check. In this case, they said the scammer will just not do anything until we get tired of waiting for the $250,000 check to arrive, and then call him back. Then "Berger Williams" will ask for money because the check got held up in customs or something. PCH did ask me to go to the website to report this scam. That report will go directly to the US Fraud Investigation

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Berger Williams
Company: Publishers Clearing House not really
Number: 876-867-5667