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Yellow Local Directory

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Mike - 12-27-2011

do you have a more direct link at I am unable to find this

Company: Yellow Local Directory


Elisa Orlando Fl 12111 - 12-01-2011

They are also operating in NY, Candada and the Philippines. check out for an employee actually admitting it was a scam. They have a call center in 1320 State Rd 9 Champlain Ny Suite 18151
Tried calling them several times to get information and they yell at you and won't give you even their names. They cut entire parts of my conversation out of the recording and are trying to scare me into paying by threatening legal action. I just filed with the FTC.

Company: Yellow Local Directory


Michelle in San Diego - 08-05-2010

If you go to the Better Business Bureau website (don't limit the search to just one country). You will find pages and pages of articles documenting this "invoice scam" in multiple countries all by the same type of "yellow" directory. It comes from a call center outside the US that is obviously set up for scams. They get you to say "cancel" which means you will accept their invoice; if you don't "cancel" then you accept to continue the service. total entrapment; so don't do either.

I emailed "yellow local directory" from their US site and it promises a response in 24 hours, just to see if someone else is using their name. No I figure their in on the scam too!

I posted their web site with a US address and phone number on another blog and asked everyone to email and call and it seems to have worked. Jammed their internet site for hours. so, if you have a few minutes...
Yellow Local Directory
200 S Virginia Street, 8th floor, PMB-42
Reno, NV 89501

1 (888) 509-2894

Also: the BBB:

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Yellow Local Directory
Number: 661-594-7182