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Sandra - 09-12-2015

Hmmmpf well spin it any way you want but when the city puts out the sad sack story thet they dont have enough money to to FINISH the isnide of the library and that city staff and services will be frozen or cut, the budget shell game makes no difference. See it's that sort of creative accounting that has the city in a bind in the 1st place.The fact remains next year's general fund expenditure takes a $5m hit, and the general fund is contributing $2.5m and a magic 3.6m from somewhere else TBD.Yes raising parking to $1hr, does help, perhaps at the cost downtown losing business, so the gain is best wishes. The other 5.6 million in parking fees being redirected I am sure was not earmarked to just sit around either.$11.7m/121 spaces = 96694 per parking space which of course would not be there if the 42000 foot library was on top of it.But, being competent at math you would easily figure out that at full capacity charging $2/hr (twice the street rate) 16 hours a day EVERY DAY, not including staff to handle the fees is going to take 8.3 years to break even...not really a bargin. Sort of like saying you bought something you didnt need on sale and thinking you saved money.So I will keep the $1100/sf number because its in the same building and for the same building. 43m bought 4200sf of usable library.And we'll see who gets to park there when its done.

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