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Terrance - 10-16-2015

is true about books, trade journals, nerpsapews etc. being available online, why on earth do we need a huge building that encroaches on Civic Park so that people can get on computers? Do we really even need 100 computer stations? I seem to remember that a City sponsored survey found that over 85% of homes in Walnut Creek have computers with internet. I know, I know, you will say "what about the other 15% who don't have computers"? Cut that in half at least to count the folks who have no interest nor intention of ever using a computer and then we have less than 8% of our population who are in need of a computer in a library.Pretty damned expensive project to serve only 8% of the people.Seems to me that a building half the size of the one that has been built would have been more in keeping with the needs and financial means of city.As to the "Needs Assessment".....there are hundreds of consulting companies out there and doing quite well because they can produce the type of report you are looking for. Great business to be in.....satisfying the zealots.

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