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Pemudi - 10-16-2015

Well Hello Councilperson Silva, thanks for cmiihng in since your career hinges on people drinking your kool-aid that this library is "just the right size" (get real) and that we can afford it. You and the Library Foundation people remind me of "Baghdad Bob" getting interviewed by the media during the closing days of the Iraq War. "American troops? There are no American troops here. We are winning the war" ***as US tanks drive through a block away***Silva, Regalia and Abrams are the three most responsible for this mess-and it is a mess. "Oh, we didn't see this downturn coming" doesn't cut it. It's your job to plan for the worst case scenario and spend our money responsibily. The Library should remain 100% closed until we pull out of this thing. No lights on, no A/C, no cleaning crews, no more computers-nothing. We'll pick up the peices from the mess you've created in two or three years.

Caller: marta aka Lola777
Number: 201-297-5823