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Laurelle - 10-18-2015

7:09,You continue to make errros (e.g., there are 151 parking spaces, not 121).The parking meters are run like those on Main Street now, no attendants.Sorry you are so mean-spirited about a wonderful public amenity coming soon to our community. Most people in town are looking forward to this enhncement for the next 50 years.Most residents will take advantage of the library, including the current >43,000 that have library cards and the others that will get them soon. By the way, the budget for the entire project was $41.5M. The WC Library Foundation has raised > $5.5M of that. Thus, the library building at $25.5M came in at $20M City finding and, if we include the entire project, the City spent $35M.Would you and other naysayers at least acknowledge the private funding contributions? Some families have contributed a large portion of their life savings to make the library a reality. Mine included. [url=]ukphzyywwsk[/url] [link=]uveklzrcbgw[/link]

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