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Heather - 05-29-2012

Calls from 011-787-6009 started to be excessive Friday 5/25. Received 4 calls in one hour. I answered the 5th call as I was done working on a bid for my company and I was asked if Carla was around. I asked the person to lose the number and stop harassing me. Then I received 11 phone calls from the same idiot on 5/26 starting at 11 in the morning. They called every 1/2 hour until 6:30 that night when I finally turned my phone off. Finally I got peace from them Sunday and Monday, now they have started the calls again. They never leave a message and when I tried to call the number, my cell provider said that it was an international number for which I did not have service for. Getting sick of them!!!!!!

Caller type: Sociopath
Number: 011-787-6009


Angela - 05-14-2012

repeative calls from 0117876009
did not answer but ammount is excessive
no message provided

Caller type: Other
Number: 011-787-6009


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