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mary thompson - 09-09-2015

My husband got a call two days ago from Microsoft about our computer but he is hard of hearing and the call ended quickly enough.

I googled the number after being told about the call and read Franks comments this morning.

About an hour ago I received a call,it was Microsoft, doing exactly as Frank suggested.

The guy went berserk after about 30 odd minutes!! I went through his 'process' continuously (I didn't even have the computer on!) but said 'yes I've did that' after being prompted to do x,y,z. You are doing something wrong! please follow my advice properly! it is very important you enter details properly! Haha!! he threw in the towel sadly but not after hopefully losing some money!

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Microsoft
Number: 012-545-2558


Frank Bentos - 09-08-2015

This number - 0125452558 - called me today and hung up after a few seconds. Apparently its a Microsoft scam. Needless to say, dont give out anything relating to fact - instead, reel them in and let them think you are being taken in, be cooperative and just tell them lies and keep them on the phone until the hang up out of frustration and rising cost on THEIR part! Every penny is a prisoner to these tramps, cost them a few quid in a wasted call and they'll never call you again. In fact, you will find that most scamming calls will dry up quickly if you adopt this approach with all menace calls. Works with sales calls too.

Caller type: Other
Company: Blackburn based scammers
Number: 012-545-2558


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