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Annoyed - 02-21-2017

This number has called me and woken me every morning. No one talks, and then after a few seconds it cuts off!

Caller type: Other
Caller: Dead line
Company: Dead line
Number: 021-251-5478


JD - 02-20-2017

Usual cal from India, apparently from Windows' Technical department. Apparently my computer has a virus and has been sending signals to that department. I asked him if it was sending signals while we were speaking and he couldn't confirm this. Not surprising, it wasn't switched on and I don't use Microsoft Windows anyway.
For once the number appeared, usually it's "Unavailable" yet it's the fourth call I have had in the past ten days.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jack White
Company: Supposedly from Microsoft
Number: 021-251-5478


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