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Hans Du Plessis - 11-21-2011

I am the legal manager for FBG Internet. We provide Facebook advertising on a worldwide basis. These blogs have been written by people who did not get the results they expected from their advertising campaign and are now bitter about this. FBG Internet has thousands of clients worldwide and the vast majority of clients are very happy and renew their services every month. We cannot stop bitter people from writing blogs but do not let them put you off from having a successful advertising campaign. From thousands of clients over 80% renew their advertising every month and they all claim to receive new business as a result. FBG Internet do not keep any clients to long term contracts and simply deal with them month to month so all clients have the option to cancel at any time with no long term commitment involved. I can be contacted at any time on Tel: 0213002796 if you wish to discuss any matters. Hans Du Plessis

Caller type: Other
Caller: Hans Du Plessis
Company: FBG Internet
Number: 021-300-2796


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