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Anchorage Alaska - 01-02-2015

Said his name is jack mason with IRS and that I had to give him a credit card for money over the phone or I would be arrested within the hour if I didn't pay fraudulent taxes owed fron 2008 - 2012.

Call came from 253-465-6014

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Jack Mason
Number: 028-002-4760


Peter - 02-27-2013


Ring Ring,,, Ring Ring,,,

Caller identified herself as Angela, from Quantum, a computer support company. Notice how they use names of genuine companies, or names that sound genuine, or your calling number display is showing an overseas Voip call, for a company based in Australia?

This caller is a scammer using the same system as the supposed calls from the "Windows Microsoft Support Centre". Microsoft, and the other companies DO NOT, and WILL NOT, make calls of this nature. DO NOT get caught!!

The scam goes, "Hello it is from , we have had complaints that your computer has downloaded malicious software files that is corrupting and slowing down your computer. If left un-treated your computer will become damaged"

The caller then offers to tell you how that you can check for the corrupted files yourself, this process is designed to convince you of ..............

access) the software that "phones home" everytime your computer connects to the internet, the software that adds your IP address to their list of available computers.

Congradulations, your computer has just joined all the others patiently waiting on line, for the the hacker come a calling. It doesn't matter that you aren't home, or that it is 3am and you're fast asleep.

Now don't you complain when your Internet provider, terminates your service due to all those emails you have been spamming, to sell that Viagra, or promote your Russian Brides, or the police come calling due to that purchse of 1000 rounds of high power armour piercing shells you paid for with your Amex card, not to mention all that child pornography you have been distributing.

But atleast they have fixed those Internet Nefarious Files,,,,,,,,,,

Caller type: Scammer
Company: Quantum PC Support or Windows Microsoft Support
Number: 028-002-4760


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