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Thomas - 09-10-2011

Hey all,

Just had a call from a dodgy company, as I'm an ICT Operations Manager, the alarm bells rang straight away..... however they had my personal details.. name, st address etc.. They said they were from the "Windows Service Center".

So I ran with it a bit out of curiosity, they got me to open "Event Viewer" and asked how many ERROR alerts I had (which were a few, but I know what these errors are), however they kept telling me these were from Internet Viruses. Then they got me to open "Windows\Inf" directory in Windows Explorer, and said they were all downloaded viruses.... Now I know they're bullshitting me, cause I know exactly what file types are stored there and why.

So I escalated the call to one of their managers, who still insisted there were problems.. I must admit they are persistent bastards.. Then they wanted me to go to and enter a 6 digit number, this is the point my ISP just happen to cut me off ;-) so I told them I lost Internet access while I secretly searched for details about them on the Internet. I laughed when they told me their technician could also fix my Internet connection from my Modem to my ISP... LOL.

Eventually I told them we had other things to do and demanded a recall number (which they wouldn't give to start with). The number was 0280060187, which after a quick search told me they were were listed as "MICROSYSTEMTECH" and also as "REMOTE TECH SOLUTIONS" working from Bengal in India.

This is definitely a scam, they ring and use scare tactics so you think you have PC problems and viruses, then they make you pay a service so they can fix it, but really there is nothing to fix.....

More details and complaints located here:

As stated, they are persistent bastards (they'll call you back, so just hang up or tell them to *^#$^% off).

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: shane
Number: 028-006-0187


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