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Tim - 03-14-2017

Here is full information on this scammer. Please report to ACORN i already have.
Suspect Name: Keith Morrisroe
Alleged organisation represented: e-sure, Claims New South Wales, Claims Victoria, Claims Queensland
When Asked for ABN: No real ABN present (Checked with ABN Lookup tool)
When Asked for Address: Fake Address provided
Suspect Registration Information:
Suspect WHOiS Details:
Suspect Registered Domain Address: 4 Halewood Close Gateacre Merseyside
Suspect Registered Phone Number: +44.07825812999
Suspect Email:
When questioning suspect on his affiliation to scamming. Suspect became flippant without real reasoning to his motives. Most likely a phishing exercise to mine data and private information. Ignore the call and report it to the police.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: False name given
Company: First response
Number: 028-311-0435


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