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gpei - 02-10-2012

Called me from a private number, tried to sell me google advertising, got through to the end point where I filled the form in, but before I sent it to them I checked their phone numbers on their site. Toll free number was disconnected and this number just keeps ringing out. Sounded like a Philipino guy with an American accent. He got me to actually look up the ABN number and the fact that they had a Sydney city address to say this is a legitimate company, and I hadn't even questioned that, or hinted that I was suspicious. (that was the first alarm bell)
I contacted ACCC's ScamWatch and they hadn't heard about them, but said it sounded very suspicious and that an ABN does not guarantee it won't be a scam. The email this Online Marketing Professionals sent me was from Sam Mcclain . Really glad I didn't go through with it.

I've contacted the law firm registered at the address on the OMP website (Suite 104, Level 1, 105 Pitt Street Sydney) to let them know, and I've contacted the domain registrar. I hope somehow they will be stopped.

Caller type: Scammer
Company: OMP Online Marketing Professionals
Number: 029-037-2791


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