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Hunt - 06-30-2011

This person/company was very persistant and said he works for microsoft technical support.
He said my computer was to crash and that I clicked on to alink that contained a virus. I was very confused and not sure if I should belive him. I asked to speak to his senior manager and apparently, i did.
He talked me through the process of showing me the 'evidence' and I saw that there were alot of exclamation marks and error in my computer folder. I was stressed. I then was guided to a web site i very reluctingly followed his instructions on what to do next.
The shocker to me was the $199.00 I was to pay immediately . I stressed how i did not have the money.
His threat to me was that he will have to CANCEL my computer licence if I did not purchase the software to fix it.
Please help. Is this a legitimate warning call or scam?

Caller type: Other
Caller: 1108
Company: online repair world
Number: 029-037-2906


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