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Mariaan - 03-31-2014

I have to tell you this story. One off my clients were contacted by one off the agents at a collection company. Her husband made a call to a sex chat line and owed this company money. Well long story short I have been a lawyer for over 25 years and I have dealt with a lot off Debtors cases. This one was unique and I put my all into this case. We had to settle this matter out off court as the law states. If it is a written on verbal agreement its a legal binding contract and if there is payment that need to be done or asked then you are liable for that payment. My advice if you are not sure about the ask again and if still not sure do not go into that verbal agreement it is binding.

I hope this can help allot of people.

Caller type: Other
Caller: Mariaan
Company: Lawyers Firm
Number: 031-101-3009


Ernest - 03-12-2014

She said her name is adele and she is calling from that social network investigation department she even called my work about 8 times yesterday how do they get all information and why they don't tell you how much they will charge for that call because she said I must pay them 1500 what do I do now what if they get my bank details

Caller type: Collection Agency
Company: Hot Live Girls
Number: 031-101-3009


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