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Charles - 07-25-2015

I received call yesterday during 5pm. It is happened in Malaysia. The person-in-charge who is a Malay woman, claiming that she was calling from the Bank Simpanan Nasional. She said that I was offered an insurance which covers the ATM scam (any involuntary action to wthdraw the cash), Accident which cause injury, Accident which cause disability.....something like that.She was asking for the verification of full name, identity card number(last four digit), date of birth, contact address and bank account number. What's the point I need to give it to you? To all the readers, never expose your personal details to other since you don't know whether the call is fake or not. Bank workers don't have such time to call the customers. She said I have to pay RM 48 per month if I agree to buy that insurance. (RM 58 for the first month which cover the the duty stamp fee - RM 10.00). I refuse and say NO to her.Do you know that the insurance has expiry date. Not saying that I'm not rich to buy the insurance. Why I can't choose other products? Later, she felt like she can't handle with this case, and told another man to answer my question, keep asking me why I refuse to buy the insurance? What the f***. It seems like my fault to reject your offer. Consumer have the right to refuse to buy the product. After that, the man offered me another plan with lower price RM 38. OMG! After that, I just ended the phone call. It's rather be suspicious. I never encountered a call from the bank before.
What the hell the caller is calling me after the office hour? To the caller, how are you going to sell the insurance even I can't see you. You think it is very convenient for me to make an agreement with you through the phone? Why are you convincing me that I no need to go to the bank and ask for the details?
Last but not least, this number I have called for many times but end up with the voice "The number that you called is not in service". Why? Are you afraid?

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: Yes but not in full name
Company: Bank Simpanan Nasional Insurance company not mentioned
Number: 032-075-0688


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