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Phishing call - 12-21-2015

Just got a call that showed up on my caller ID as 1-036-131-3000 where the guy on the other end told me he was with the Windows technical support team and they have been seeing errors on my computer. He then told me to go to my computer and follow his instructions to protect it against hackers. This is very obviously a phishing scam. Do not go along with the callers instructions and simply hang up.

Number: 036-131-3000


Dee - 08-28-2015

I received a call on my landline from another foreign idiot claiming to be "John" calling from Microsoft. Here's the thing people Microsoft will NEVER EVER call you, and neither will the IRS. We went round and round as I told him what a scammer and fraud he was and he still insisted that he already had control of my computer. But here's the thing, I don't OWN a Microsoft computer. He proceeded to tell me my address and I told him congratulations on knowing how to use Google. I keep saying "John you're full of [***]" until he hung up..smh..
Please...please don't fall for this scam.

Caller type: Scammer
Caller: John
Company: Microsoft windows
Number: 036-131-3000


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