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imo - 05-08-2012

Just received a call from this and number and I've missed the calls before but this time I answered. It was a man calling on behalf royal guide dogs Australia. Before he could say anything else I interrupted his spill by saying "So your not an actual representative of RGDA but your calling on behalf of them yes?"
He hesitated and responded with a yes I'm not an actual representative I'm calling from a telemarketing centre on their behalf.
I said, "well first of all I don't ever make any financial transactions over the phone, and secondly if I was wouldn't that mean a lot of the money would then go to paying telemarketers rather than going to the charity." and again he seemed thrown aback by this comment.
Then I asked "Could you please tell me what percentage of my money would actually go to this charity if I was to make a donation right now?"
His response: "Um well the RGDA invests a small amount of money in our company to make calls and x amount goes to us and Y amount to them"
"Yes but X and Y amount doesn't actually give me a figure does it?"
"I don't know how much"
"Look I know your doing your job I will not donate If my money isn't going to the cause and calls like this are only going to put people like me off of donating to these charities.
he seemed pissed off and said "we'll put you on our do not call list"
and I said "thank you" and hung up

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 038-199-0509


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