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angry - 07-30-2014

The Indians Telemarketers from 030157376 are back Annoying the Australian people of every State. It looks like they have been busy since May this year Upgrading their Telemarketer Office so that a lot more Indians Telemarketers annoys the Australian people.
The Indians Telemarketers does not even live in Australia they use a VOIP Phone from Microsoft SKYPE because SKYPE gives any Indian an Australian phone number for just $50 dollars a month.
The Indians Telemarketers needs to be place on in a Isolated Room by themselves with a Phone then program a Automatic Phone Machine to call the Phone so that they are Torture to Dead with the Phone constant Ringing and leaving a Message if they want to buy Telstra products.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Indian Telemarketers
Number: 039-015-7376


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