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Heman - 05-20-2014

Virgin Money (TAL Insurance) call on 3 numbers, I know this because after requesting the intial online quote and recieving the call back, then going through the quote process and saying leave it with me (e.g. seek comparative quotes from competitors), I have recieved a total of 15 calls in 3 days, 5 per day on the below numbers;

03 9284 9093
03 9284 9098
03 9284 9100

I have been informed anymore than one call per week is harassment, I mean come on, 15 calls in 3 days (all logged in mobile phone).
I sincerely hope this tenacity is utilised in benefit of their paying clients (not their shareholders) when claims are made.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Virgin Money
Number: 039-284-9093


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