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Danielle - 09-15-2011

Same thing. They tried to phone us twice tonight but we did not answer. We do have the * also in the directory but these persons don't care at all for your privacy.

Unfortunately, we receive more and more of these unsolicited calls.

Maybe next time they phone I should answer and ask them who they are and what they want.

Number: 058-444-2626


Jacques - 09-10-2011

Yet another unsolicited call, here in Switzerland !
Although our number appears with a star (*) in the Swiss Directory as one which should not be used for unsolicited advertisement, we keep on being bullied by the Swiss 058-4442626 number (a number with our local area code, as a matter of fact). This happens at lunch or dinner time.
It is probably an advertizing company and I am to intervene with appropriate means as soon as I know who they are.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Caller: yet unknown
Company: yet unknown
Number: 058-444-2626


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