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Danny - 06-14-2014

Received several call from what appears to be an Indian call centre. Most of the calls were coming up as Overseas private but one did come through as 0756098660. All calls were claiming to save us heaps of money on our phone bill. Its not initiated from Telstra because they knew I was with Telstra so it must be a marketing campaign that is initiated from another telephone service provider which operates in Australia.
What you have to do is get Telstra or whoever you are with to identify the origin of the incoming call, you will need to provide a date and time and the information should be there in the call records. I doubt the 07 number is the actual number they are using, its probably like a storefront number. Once you know what the originating number is then you should be able to do a bit of research and find out who the company or organisation is that are making these nuisance calls. A little bit more research might even reveal who in Australia they are working for.
If this seems too much trouble send an email or letter to the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) demanding that the number be tracked down to whoever is the initiator in Australia for these type of calls. If he gets enough emails he will certainly act.
If you have a suitable phone you can actually add the number to your blocked list and it will be filtered out and won't ring on your handset.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Number: 075-609-8660


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