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From A to Z - 04-06-2011

I've received several phone calls from 08 9302 0915, it is like recording cut off after a second or two of female voice/reciting or few people talking in the background. Yesterday, I’ve called back that number and some male answered the call, I have explained to him that I got several phone calls from this number and his response was it is not possible that I have wrong number (yeah sure)

Today, after another irritating call, I have decided to call back, nobody was answering (long signal)…

I was determined to check if this number is listed on skype (I have both the free and the paid account) and here it got very interesting… I rung and again I had the long signal (nobody was answering) but I was charged for the call I haven’t made. Rang again and paid attention this time, this is like an answering machine with the recording of phone call not being answered; you actually are paying for this phone call.
We are in fact sucked in some scam, not sure what type yet though. I shall keep you posted of any findings, now I have to contact the phone company.

Caller type: Other
Number: 089-302-0915


Triden - 05-06-2009

Caller wanted to set up an appointment for them to present a product demo in our residence. I did not agree and asked him to take my number off their calling list instead. Hope he did remove my number.

Caller type: Telemarketer
Company: Modern Home Improvements
Number: 089-302-0915


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